JUMP IN! By @F_scribbles

I got this message from a friend of mine. What she’s studying in Kansas is awesome and she’s bringing a glimpse of it to Kuwait this month :)


“Dear friends,

I hope this e-mail finds you well, despite the summer heat if you’re in Kuwait!

I am currently a graduate student in Theatre and Drama Therapy at Kansas State University; I spent my first year learning about play and the way it shapes the brain. I was also trained in creative drama techniques, Playback Theatre, sociodrama, and conflict resolution. I work with a number of populations in Kansas including adults with physical and learning disabilities, university students, and professionals in the community who want to explore the arts in a non-threatening environment. I am writing to tell you about my upcoming workshop in Kuwait. The first workshop I held over Christmas was called “Play Your Way to Better Communication: Building Emotional Intelligence through Games and Movement.” I spent the day with ten participants, disconnected from the stresses of every day life, simply engaging in play. This time, I’m taking it a step further.

This workshop (8-10 June) is called JUMP IN. It literally requires participants’ to jump into each activity by talking about issues we all contend with and turning them into a group sociodrama (this is a process where we come up with a fictional scenario to enact that issue). This sociodrama workshop will allow people to expand their role repertoire, meaning a student can play the role of the teacher, or discuss what it feels like to be a worried parents. The whole point is to put ourselves in somebody else’s shoes and build empathy, compassion and gain understanding. You do not have to worry about acting because the process is designed so that it’s about exploration and not the performance. I will guide you through warm-ups and games that will ease you into sociodrama. The purpose of the workshop is also to reintroduce adults to the importance of play. How often do we disconnect for a couple of hours to play games from our childhood? Brian Sutton-Smith, a play theorist, says the opposite of play is not work, it is depression.

On the first day of my creative drama class, I defined play as the ability to let one’s guards down, to forget about problems that exist outside the game and to be present in the moment. Now I define play as an essential part of our life. Food nourishes our body, exercises strengthens it, and play challenges our mind and shapes our relationships. I really hope that you’re willing to come out and play for three days! The workshop starts at 5:30 PM and ends at 8:30 PM. For registration info or questions about the cost of the workshop, please email me and I’d be happy to answer your questions. I’ve also included a flyer of the event but please note that seats are limited.

The workshop is suitable for women who are interested in self-improvement and personal growth, who want to be more creative and spontaneous in their every day life. I am under the supervision of Sally Bailey, MFA, MSW, RDT-BCT, my major professor and learnt Sociodramatic techniques from Nancy Sondag. Feel free to share this email with anyone who might be interested.

Fatmah H. Al-Qadfan”

I trust Fatmah and I know that this workshop is going to be fun and amazing!

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Chicken lettuce wrap بالعربي


الوصفة وايد سهلة :)

٤-٥ اكواب صدور دجاج مفرومة بدون جلد
ملعقة طعام صغيرة زيت جوز الهند
بصلة متوسطة الحجم مقصصة شرايح
زنجبيل مبشور فرش
كوب كزبر مفروم او اقل اذا ما تحبون طعمه
البهارات: ملح، فلفل اسود، بابريكا، فلفل بودر، و اي نوع بهارات تبون. انا حطيت وياه معبوچ و مسترد! عدد ٢ افوكادو مهروس مع ليمون و ملح و فلفل اسود.

أول شي تذوبون الدهن بمقلى كبيرة او جدر وايد كبير عشان ما يتزاحم الدياي و يصير لين. و بعدين تقلبون البصل على النار لي لما يصير شفاف و تضيفون الزنجبيل و الثوم و الكزبر، و تقلبونهم، بعدين ضيفوا الدياي و فچچوه عشان ما يلزق ويا بعض بس لا تقلبونه كل دقيقة لأن نبيه يحمر، و بعدين البهارات و اخر شي الفلفل و المسترد قبل لا تشيلونه من النار بخمس دقايق.

اذا تبون نضيفون نكهة زيادة تقدرون تستخدمون انواع فلفل او صلصة الصويا بس يفضل بدون صويا عشان يصير كل شي طبيعي.

قدموا الخلطة مع اوراق الخس و افوكادو مهروس و مسترد زيادة. انا استخدمت مسترد سبايسي

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Foil Baked Fish with Pistachio Basil Chunky Pesto

Since I’m going back home soon, I’m trying to clean some of the perishable food items I have in the fridge, which means I’m coming up with recipes :D LOTS OF THEM


Today’s recipe is oven baked fish with chunky pesto. All you need is the following:

- A fresh fillet of your favorite fish. I had the skin on
- Fresh Basil
- 1 Clove of garlic
- Pistachios (freshly grounded)
- 1 tbs of olive oil
- A squeeze of lemon or vinegar
- A pinch of salt



- Start with preheating the oven. (175 C)
- Roughly chop the basil and mix it with all the other ingredients
- Clean the fillet and place it on a sheet of foil. Spread the chunky pesto on top then wrap it like a tent, not leaving any room to breathe basically :)
- Bake it for 15 minutes and serve it with rice

- For extra flavor, try adding slices of lemons on top of the pesto
- You can rub the fish with any type of spice like paprika for example

That’s it!

Bon appetit,

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يريش الكسالى


Sorry I haven’t been able to post anything lately. I’ll try to post more stuff this month.

طبخة اليوم هي يريش الكسالى. ينفع حق اللي يدرسون برة مثلي او اللي يبون شي لذيذ و سريع و يدفي بما ان الشتا على الابواب.

اللي تحتاجونه اهوا التالي:

١- كوب شوفان
٢- عدد اثنين طماط وسط او واحدة بس مع معجون طماط
٣- نصف بصلة كبيرة
٤- ملح و فلفل اسود و لومي بودر حسب الرغبة
٥- ثوم اذا تبون. انا احط نص فص ثوم

١- بالخلاطة، خلطوا الطمام و البصل و الثوم مع بعض.
٢- سخنوا الجدر و حطوا مقدار ربع ملعقة زيت و فوقه الخلطة و خلوها تطبخ لين يغمج لون الطمام.
٣- ضيفوا الشوفان و قلبوا الطبخة عدل و ضيفوا الملح، و الفلفل الاسود و اللومي
٤- ضيفوا مقدار كوبين ماي و خلوه يطبخ. ما تبون تنطرون وايد حطوا كوب و نص
٥- خلوه يطبخ على نار هادية لي لمى يصير ثقيل بس مو وايد.

اذا عندكم وقت زيادة، اول شي طبخوا البصل بروحه، و بعدين الطماط. عشان تتعزز النكهة

و بالعافية :)

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محروق صبعه – Cooking for One


It’s been a while :) and I apologize for that specially that it’s ramadan and I know most of you wanted new recipes. First of all thank you so much for reading the blog, the amount of readers I’m getting everyday is surprising, I’m really glad that you guys are benefiting from what I’m posting here :)

I moved to the states, finally did it! And I’ll be posting as much as I possibly can.

20120811-101555 PM.jpg

بما ان رمضان فطبخت اليوم محروق صبعه على طريقتي بالخضار. عادة الطبق يستخدم معاه خبز ايراني من الخباز و انا استخدمت تورتيا و الخضار المتواجدة كان خوش فطور

الطريقة وايد سهلة.

المقادير تكفي لأربع الى خمس اشخاص:

- ربع بصلة حمرا كبيرة مقصصة صغار أو بما يعادلها (ثلث كوب)
- علبة طماط مقصص
- ملعقة كبيرة معجون طماط
- شريحتين كبار تورتيا او ٤-٥ صغار
- فصين ثوم مهروس
- ملعقة كبيرة كزبر مهروس
- ملح و فلفل أسود و كركم أو كاري
- نصف بطاطا كبيرة
- خضار: كوسى، قرع، باذنجان (انا حطيت بلاك بينز تقريبا ٣ ملاعق كبيرة و مشروم بيبي پورتابيلا و يسمى كريميني)
- ملعقة واحدة دهن فقط.

- بجدر، نسخن الدهن و نضيف البصل ثم الثوم و الكزبر. نحمسه عدل بعدين نضيف البهارات و معجون الطمام و الطمام و نقلبه.
- نضيف الخضار و نخليهم ياخذون ريحة الحمسة لمدة ٥-٨ دقايق. نضيف ماي مغلي لي لما يصير كأنه شوربة خفيفة
- نقصص الخبز بيدنا و نضيفه للخلطة. حجم الخبز يكون تقريبا ٥سم في ٥ سم.
- نخلط الخبز، و نقصر على النار و نخلط الطبخة كل ٦-٧ دقايق.

20120811-101803 PM.jpg

- يتم اضافة ماي زيادة كل شوي و بعدين نخليه يثقل على نار هادية مع التقليب. الخبز راح يتقصص مع التقليب عشان چذي بدينا بقطع كبيرة

20120811-102022 PM.jpg

- نخلي الخلطة تثقل و نسكر النار.
- عند التقديم: يضاف في الصحن كزبر و ثوم فرش أو نقدر نشوحه على النار مع شوية دهن بعدين نحطه فوقه.

كمية الماي: بالنظر.. انا اول شي ضفت تقريبا ٢-٣ اكواب. بعدين قلت كمية الماي و ضفت كوب و بعدين وراها كوب بعد فترة.
اذا ثقلت الخلطة و الخضار ما استوت او الخبز لي الحين يابس نضيف ماي زيادة، هذا قياسنا. لمى تكون بثقل الصورة الاولى لازم يكون كل شي مستوي. و حطوا ببالكم ان الطبخة تثقل لمى نسكر النار اخر شي.

بالعافية :)

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Pick Yo introduces the Ultimate Snack!

20120710-082735 PM.jpg

Talk about guilt free snacks! Pick Yo now serves sugar free and fat free frozen yogurts. They not only taste great, they’re also good for you :)

20120710-083213 PM.jpg

Been going there on a daily basis to have this guilt free snack ever since it’s launched.

Make sure you try the papaya and the original froyo. They’re both AWESOME!

Bon appetit!

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Cravings. @hashtagq8

20120704-033636 PM.jpg

When it comes to burgers, I always look for 2 components: the patty and bun. We can get good buns in most restaurants but a good patty? Only a handful of restaurants are capable of delivering good patties that don’t taste like it came fresh from a cow’s behind or overpowered with spices and hashtag is one of them.

Their burgers taste REAL. No fuss, just burgers served with a side order of paprika fries.

The all kuwaiti staff are super friendly which adds lots of bonus points to the experience.

20120704-033200 PM.jpg

20120704-033342 PM.jpg

I’m obsessed with Sriracha sauce (seriously! I take it with me everywhere) and of course I had to try it with their hashtag burger and it turned out to be AMAZINGG!

20120704-033518 PM.jpg

Can’t wait to go back there again! This month is all about burgers. I’m craving them badly

Make sure you visit Hashtag and try their burgers. That’s what I’ll be doing this weekend :)

(Hashtag has a new initiative (Plus One) where you can donate KD 1 from each meal you purchase to feed the poor workers which I think is super nice since it’s summer and the poor workers are woking hard under the hot sun. The initiative is a collaboration between hashtag and Ms. bibi alayoub)

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Maki’s Marina Salad imitation

وصفة رمضانية

20120702-073740 PM.jpg

Disclaimer: this is my own interpretation of maki’s marina salad. All you need is the following:

- rocca leaves
- crab sticks and a spoon full of caviar
- 1 TBS sesame oil
- 1 TSP lemon juice (or less)
- 1 TSP black sesame (optional)
- 1-2 TBS mayonnaise
- 1-2 TSP soy sauce

All you need to do is mix the sesame oil, lemon juice, mayo, and soy sauce together, then toss it with the shredded crab sticks and rocca & top it with caviar

Viola! You got yourself a nice salad for ramadan :) I discarded the caviar and crabsticks today and it was still so gooood.

Make sure you adjust the dressing to your liking. Example: I like it tangy so I juiced a whole lemon.

Bon appetit!

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