How to sin properly.

20120624-112557 AM.jpg

By now, my dietitian will probably ban me from ever stepping foot at their premises & I made my peace with it. My line of business and dieting don’t go along together so i have 40 days to eat whatever it is i want and gain as much weight as I want and no one is allowed to comment about it. Wohoo!

I’m hoping that I feel guilty soon but no, guilt and I don’t get along too well either and I find it funny! I’m having guilt free fun eating sinful dishes :D

Anyways, back to my latest sinful dish:

20120624-112349 AM.jpg


Vanilla ice cream on top of rice flakes layer (use any available cereal), topped with bacon bits, maple syrup and more bacon bits!

If you’re not a fan of bacon, substitute it with rock salt bit it’s a MUST TRY!


Bon Appetit!

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#ProjectX_KWT Finale

20120616-030532 AM.jpg

I can’t believe that ProjectX finale is today. Last weekend was super fun! I got to meet lots of foodie bloggers, see them in action and learn from them.

20120616-030716 AM.jpg

It was just a thought that we came up with back in March I think and now we’re almost done and el7imdellah everyone is happy about it :)

20120616-030913 AM.jpg

It wouldn’t have been a success without our fellow bloggers and the spirit they brought to chef boutique, the awesome judges who have committed to being there all three days of the competition as well as put on all the extra hours before the competition making up rules and choosing special ingredients, Salma Alyaseen and Tareq Alaskar; the filming heroes! They’ve transformed projectX from a simple cooking competition, to a real show! and last but not least, all the awesome sponsors who have made ProjectX a reality

I loved every bit of it! My favorite parts were the following:

- The look on the contestants faces when they saw the secret ingredient. One word: PRICELESS! I have to snap pictures tomorrow!

- Judges reactions to Danderma’s salad. I still smile every time I remember their faces :) The salad looked AWESOME by the way

20120616-030214 AM.jpg

- How the bloggers built their dishes. Walking around and listening to them talking to their partners and discussing how they’re going to cook their dishes is my favorite part of the whole competition. I LOVE it when people invent recipes :D

20120616-031827 AM.jpg

- Judges cooking during the competition :) I’m glad everyone had fun

20120616-031730 AM.jpg

That’s only part of it :). If you want to tune in during the finale tomorrow, make sure you check out the following hashtag on twitter and instagram:


Looking forward to seeing what the contestants might come up with tomorrow :)


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My obsession with eggs continues!

I love eggs… A LOT to the point that I manage to find the weirdest egg devices in Kuwait :p if it’s out there, I’m going to find them and try them out!

I loved my little poached eggs pouchies ( post here ) but they take time and I’m not patient enough to wait for my eggs to be ready to eat most of the time.

So for the days I don’t feel like waiting ( like tonight for example) I go with this thing:

20120611-021701 AM.jpg

All you need to do is crack open your eggs and place them inside this cup, close and microwave! How easy is that! :D

The result depends on how long you microwave your eggs. 30 secs gives you runny egg yolks, 40 secs gives you semi runny yolks, 50 gives you well cooked eggs.

I prefer going with 30 seconds but I tried 35 seconds this time and I got this result:

20120611-022639 AM.jpg

It’s super easy and fun to use. Even kids can use them if they know how to operate a microwave :)

I got mine from Lulu Hypermarket a while ago and I’ve been using it ever since :)

Bon appetite!

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Random thoughts

I wrote a really long post about achieving goals and dreams and never giving up on them because it’s the only way you’ll ever fail.

The irony: right before hitting send, i accidentally deleted it and posted this word instead: Mise en place

With that note: If you have something in mind, do everything you can to achieve it and always plan every step you’ll ever take. You’ll need plan a,b, and all the way to Z. Never leave room for failure and chances.

Chances are: you won’t get it from the first trial, but believe me, it’s all for the best and once you get it, you’ll be even more prepared to fight the battle to keep it and achieve greatness.

When we pray “estikhara” we ask for guidance, and for god to show us the right path for us and also ask for satisfaction. And I just realized that, have I taken the opportunities I got in the past years, I wouldn’t have been able to be who I am today and wouldn’t have been able to actually achieve my goals :)

So, stay positive, be prepared, and work hard for your dreams. It will all pay off eventually.

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Glutinous Black Rice

20120522-080417 AM.jpg

Glutinous black rice is great for puddings. It’s loaded with antioxidants, fiber, Vitamin E and B and also known to reduce inflammation.

I’m going to rinse and soak it for around 6 hours, then cook it till it’s soft and gooey, then I’ll be making homemade coconut milk which I’ll mix with the rice and sweeten it with alphonso mango since it’s in season now :)

Wish me luck! I’ll update you with results as soon as I’m done with it.

To make homemade coconut milk you only need shredded fresh coconut and water :) soak the coconut with water and use a cloth to strain the milk. That’s it! Geant can shred the coconut for you if you don’t feel like it.


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Tea Leaf Shop at Tala Center

20120522-123148 AM.jpg

20120522-121854 AM.jpg

I’m in love with my new tea set from Tea Leaf shop at Tala Center. Apart from their absolutely adorable tea sets, they have an amazing tea collection! Everything is wonderful and I tried almost everything they have. You can’t find anything fresher than the teas they’re selling!

Found the place by coincidence, went inside and was greeted by the wonderful ladies and they introduced me to the authentic way of having tea and I just fell in LOVE

20120522-122206 AM.jpg

That’s their green tea that I got for myself. They also have matcha green tea which I adore.

20120522-122439 AM.jpg

That’s their tea station. Just LOVED IT. You have to go there and try it :)

20120522-122610 AM.jpg

I also tried rice tea! Tastes fresh and nutty and it’s a lot different than anything I ever tried. Loved it as well!

20120522-122803 AM.jpg

That’s some of the organic products they have. I loved the soy nuggets which is a meat replacement and I also got quinoa for mom. She loves them.

They also have green tea based beauty products that you must try. Their hand cream gets absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave any residue which is exactly what I was looking for :)

I’m going there again this week to get their white tea and more green tea.

Tea Leaf is Located at Tala center in salmiya, next to layla gallery.

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Nutella Bites

20120509-061602 PM.jpg

While making mochi; a glutinous rice cake dessert, I discovered a new dessert by coincidence :D it will appeal to all nutella lovers. I can’t have enough of it!

All you need to do it get a tray and line it with wax paper. Get your teaspoon and scoop out one teaspoon at a time. Make sure you use two spoons. One to scoop out nutella from the jar and one to get the nutella out of the first spoon and into the tray. Freeze them overnight and enjoy eating those sinful bites.

20120509-061413 PM.jpg

Every time I crave something sugary, I take out one of them and just enjoy it till it completely melts :D nothing can beat that! Nutella bites that last longer, with the same intense flavor.

They’re my niece’s favorite :). Try it out.

Bon appetit!

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ProjectX Deadline

20120508-053153 PM.jpg

As you’ve previously read over twitter, instagram and on various blogs, ProjectX is a cooking competition made for bloggers and online users. The best part of the competition in my opinion is not knowing what ingredients we’re using until we unbox it when the competition rounds start :). We will have A LOT of fun experimenting and creating dishes out of those ingredients!

The winners will be decided by a colorful panel of judges:

- Basil Alsalem, we all love and adore his creations (OFK, Burger Boutique, Cocoa Room, Slider Station)

- Fahad Alyehya, Mr. Diet ninja himself will be judging you! (When in doubt, add nutella :p)

- Jumana Al othman, owner of breakfast & brunch ( the om nom factor)

- Ziad Alobaid ( tune it to top chef to know more about him )

- Chef Mongkon from Chef boutique

Apart from that, the competition will be filmed and uploaded via youtube afterwards :D can’t wait!

If you’re a blogger and you’re interested in joining the competition, please register through the following link:

Register Here

Registration deadline is this thursday! Don’t miss out! We’re going to have loads of fun :D

*Special thanks to Tareq Al Askar from and Salma alyaseen for volunteering to film, direct, edit and launch ProjectX episodes :) they’re the best team ever!

Can’t wait to see you all there!

ProjectX Team.

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Poaching Made Easy

20120430-042140 PM.jpg

This is the easiest poaching method I ever tried. All you need to do is get the egg poachies from home selection at arraya complex and follow the instructions:

1. Place a poachie in a cup or a mug, and break the egg inside

20120430-041256 PM.jpg

2. Place the poachie immediately in the simmering water and wait for 6 minutes

20120430-041624 PM.jpg

3. Take it off the heat and let it dry out a bit then gently shake the pouch till the egg comes out. Place it on a bun and enjoy eating it :)

20120430-041734 PM.jpg

Mine was toasted bread, a lil bit of Dijon mustard, turkey slices, the poached egg of course and then topped with sriracha sauce which is my current obsession :)

bon appetit!

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Dessert on the go: nutella strawberry sandwich

20120425-080729 PM.jpg

Sometimes the best desserts are the easiest ones :)

Try this for a quick sugar fix (or over dose):

Slice strawberries and mix them with icing sugar and leave them in the fridge over night, then take a whole grain bun, cut it in half and spread a dollop of nutella and marshmallow cream, layer the strawberries on top and enjoy the phenomenal taste over a cup of milk or coffee :)

Bon appetit!

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