#asnanbloggercompetition @asnantower ramadan TVC scenario

I really really don’t want to miss the deadline so this is what I was able to come up with (can’t always control clients timings, meh)

What I know for sure:

The girl has a fake wig and lashes
The guy has ugly teeth
It’s influenced by dars khososi
And there’s a balloon involved!

Title: The Big Surprise!


For the girl:

20120710-013328 PM.jpg

For the guy

20120710-013651 PM.jpg

In my mind, it goes like this:

(el madame) is planning a surprise party for the guy. As she’s blowing the last balloon, the guy comes in

And you hear a loud pop. “Screen cut”

Camera is back on the el madame; crooked wig or extension fallen on her lap, and eye lashes dangling from her eye with an embarrassed look on her face. The balloon popped!!

Camera is back on the guy:

20120710-014741 PM.jpg

Shocked to say the least :)

He smiles and reveals his real ugly teeth

And the girl screams and faints in horror :0

Asnan logo then pops with a message about permanent teeth implants. (they may not be able to fix everything ugly, but they can fix the guy’s teeth)

Then another shot of the guy and elmadame at the last 3 secs with better looking teeth and a really funny remark that I can’t think of. (every year, there’s a story, a shocking twist in the middle, asnan logo, then back to the tvc + a funny remark)

Et voila!

I hope it’s enough! And looking forward to this year’s TVC.

P.S: I’m crashing the TVC shoot :)

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شنو قصة اعلان اسنان كلينك اليديدة Help me figure out what’s @AsnanTower’s next TVC through those clues

If you know me, you’d know that I’m a sucker for TVCs, specially creative and quirky ones like Asnan’s! (remember the big wai3?)

I got this very weird gift bag from asnan tower that contains a wig, fake eye lashes, and a balloon!

اللي يعرفني يدري ان وايد وايد وايد احب الاعلانات التلفزيونية. وااااايد و خصوصا الاعلانات الذكية مثل اعلانات اسنان كلينك.

اليوم وصلتلي هدية غريبة منهم! جنطة فيها باروكة، رموش و تفاخة! و وياهم كود اسوي له سكان. و لمى سويت له سكان طلعت لي هالمسج

20120630-045322 PM.jpg

When I scanned their quick reference code they attached to the bag, i got the following link:

20120630-043122 PM.jpg

the link القصة

It basically asks us to try to figure out their next TVC and the closest blogger to get the storyboard right will be able to attend the shoot (insert puppy eyed face here)

باختصار، هالثلاث اشياء عبارة عن مفاتيح نستخدمهم عشان نعرف شنو اعلانهم اليديد. و المدون اللي يعرف شنو قصة اعلانهم اليديد يقدر يحضر التصوير :)

I’ve never participated in a competition before but this is Asnan :D I’d kill to attend the TVC shoot!

انا عادة ما اشترك بمسابقات بس هذي عجبتني. ساعدوني افووووز – لازم نعرف شنو قصة الاعلان قبل ١٠/٧!!

اللي فهمته ان له علاقة بأشياء صناعية

What I got so far is that it revolves around fake temporary stuff.

فكروا معاي شنو ممكن تكون القصة؟


هذي المدام راح تساعدنا نتخيل القصة :)
This pretty lady is going to help us make up a story :p

20120630-045132 PM.jpg

Let the guessing begin!

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قايلن به هه هه – the new youtube habba


Another random post ;)


I saw a clip the other day of a dad asking his kid about her mom. it’s adorable to say the least :D


Original clip:



and then all of a sudden, youtube users went crazy and started posting their own interpretation. check them out for few laughs :)









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