That’s how I start this blog?


The sound of my mobile ringing so loudly in the morning woke me up today. it was a phone call from one of the prospect work places. something was different! I felt weird.. then I realized that I have glue in my hair.. yea! glue.

where did it come from? no one knows. I’m still puzzled about it.

I don’t know what happened afterwards, but it made me want to sit on my chair all day and start this blog.. Finally!

Big Thanks to whatever glued my hair. I think it made my thoughts stop wandering around and actually focus on something.

so this is how I chose to start this blog. with my hair glued to my scalp, and me, pinned in a chair all day long trying to create a template that fits my character.


Allow me to introduce myself properly. My name is Basma Al-Musallam, A 24 years old Kuwaiti girl who’s passionate about cooking and marketing amongst other things. I’m dedicating this blog for my cooking escapades, my artsy projects and whatever comes to mind :).

why 13 Cups?

that’s something you will have to figure out later on ;)

hope you enjoy it.


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5 thoughts on “That’s how I start this blog?

  1. WOW … what I’ve seen so far is really awesome!! Especially that apple pancakes!! YUM!
    Good luck Basma ;)

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