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I burnt my hand the other day while baking cookies and the doctor told me that i should stay away from any source of heat including cooking which needless to say drove me nuts!

The sweet ladies from khanfarosh sent me a box of their sweets to keep my mind away from cooking which was very sweet of them :)

The box came with 2 different types covered in chocolate: basbosa and gers 3gaili. Both are nice but i loved the basbosa one a lot.

Here’s a piece of info I learned from dad:
Back in the old days, whenever a kuwaiti house makes sab elgafsha or any sweet fried dough and they run out of sugared syrup, they fry the dough and eat it as is, which is how khanfarosh was invented! Kinda smart don’t you think?

Thank you @KhanfaroOsh_kw for the lovely mouth watering surprise :)


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4 thoughts on “@KhanfaroOsh_kw

  1. Bil3afia basma! Inshala lahach 7lona 3an el cooking shway o hope your hand is better by now :*

    Its very interesting what your father said, because it is true that khanfaroosh used to be traditionally fried. True, no syrup is added and dont worry our khanfaroosh is baked ;)

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