13Cups Turns 2




It’s been 2 years and a day since the first post I’ve ever written at 13Cups. When I first started this blog, my goal was to have a pure cooking blog for 6 months, but plans have changed and all of a sudden, I’ve completed 2 years! Time flies!


Just wanted to say thank you for all the support I got from the day I launched this blog. I cannot believe the amount of visitors I’m getting everyday, even when I stopped posting regularly.


To make things more interesting, I’m adding two new categories:

  1. Health: To track the diet I’ve started on Feb, 2011.. everyone is asking me about it so there will be a post every other week to track progress and let you know couple of little secrets I discovered (dumb ones believe me)
  2. Beauty: Random posts here and there about products I’m obsessed about :) – I’m obsessed with beauty products so I’ll start writing about those as well :)


و الشي اليديد اللي راح ينضاف هو العربي. لاحظت ان اكثر اللي يدخلون الموقع يترجمونه بمواقع خارجية و الترجمة عادة ما تكون صحيحة فراح أضيف ترجمة :)


اليوم المدونة كملت سنتين و يوم. و بهذي المناسبة راح أضيف قسمين يدد. قسم للصحة و اللي راح اتكلم فيه عن رجيمي اللي بديته من شهر فبرابر 2011 و لي الحين و ثاني قسم يختص بمنتجات التجميل






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4 thoughts on “13Cups Turns 2

  1. Happii happii happii 2nd birthday …… Wish you all the luck and happiness …. <3 <3

  2. Hello Basma!
    Congrats! keep them recipes coming.. I enjoy everyone of them.

    I have a request; can you please post more videos? I find it easy for me to understand a recipe if I saw it being prepared.

    Thanks and best of luck!

  3. Hope_luvv_faith,

    thank you :)


    thanks :), I have 7 video blogs that I’ve already recorded. Once I get a chance to edit them, I’ll post them here and let you know about them :)

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