Guess What I’m Cooking This week

These are the main components of four dishes i’m planning to cook/bake this week. Guess what the dishes are :)

اللي بالصورة هي مكونات اساسية لاربع اطباق راح اطبخهم هذا الاسبوع ان شاء الله. شنو تتوقعون هالاطباق الاربع؟ :)

20120112-025158 AM.jpg

a clearer picture صورة اوضح

20120112-032402 AM.jpg

Let me see your guesses :)

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11 thoughts on “Guess What I’m Cooking This week

  1. I have to discover the ingredients first, before I take a crack at guessing the dishes.

    Bs I see some kind of apple pie :)
    And a kinder oatmeal desert dish :)
    I’m going to assume those are two kinds of mushrooms…. So perhaps a mushroom pie kind of dish?
    My last crack is a bbd’d marshmallow apple dish :)

    Tell me how I did…. Was any of the guesses right?

  2. I agree with Buzfairy about the granola:)
    I can see some oatmeal and apples i guess they are great food items to make a gronola with:)
    I’m think you will add layers of marshmellow fluff, layer of kinder, and crunchy layer of homemade gronola:)
    Can wait to see what you cook up for us!:)

  3. Basma, Oohh I’m a sucker for apple pies!:) They’re amazing!
    I wish I was at the table!! Love ur ideas Basma! Keep it up:)

  4. my guess is:

    1. quaker with apple and nuts or cheesecake with vanilla and rose flavors
    2. kinder dessert
    3. there is rice in pic so either sushi rice or risotto with mashroom
    4. apple pie

  5. Dalal,

    I didn’t do the apple pie yet! inshallah on thursday. looking forward to it :D thanks for the compliment


    Kinder cookies, apple pie. both are correct :D

    the other two are stuffed zucchinis, with mushroom rice so you almost got it right :), and the other one is mushroom buckwheat pasta which I’m looking forward to have on thursday or friday :)

    great observation skills!

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