Butter Bean Dip

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Making my own meals everyday is becoming a habit :)

I’m having weird cravings recently for everything vegetarian. Couple of days ago I made sweet potato microwave chips and dipped them in labna. Then popcorn with hummus at night!

Today’s dinner will be popcorn with this delicious dip.

العشا اليوم نفيش ويا تغميسة الفاصوليا البيضا



  1. 1 can of butter beans – make sure they’s preserved in water and salt and not sugar. علبة فاصوليا بيضا محفوضة بالماي و الملح
  2. Half a minced garlic clove نص فص ثوم مفروم
  3. The juice of one lemon عصير ليمونة وحدة
  4. A pinch of salt if needed ملح اذا احتجتوا
  5. Around 1/4 tsp of black pepper ربع ملعقة صغيرة فلفل اسود
  6. Finely chopped parsley بقدونس مفروم

Put everything in your food processor and mix away! :) that’s it!


حطوا كل شي بمحضرة الطعام و خلطوا :)

تقدرون تاكلونه مع بطاط او ناتشوز او نفسي مع نفيش



You can eat it with chips, nachos or dip couple of popcorns like me :)




Bon appetit!

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