My Name is Basma & I’m an Eggoholic

20120329-124403 PM.jpg

Those are turkey eggs :D

I think by now, everyone who’s following me on twitter and instagram knows how much I love eggs. I am literally obsessed about trying out all the different eggs you may find. If they’re edible I’ll try them :)

I tried chicken eggs, quail eggs, duck, geese, and the huge ostrich egg that took me hours trying to break and finally did that with a hammer and my trusty wood carving tools :)

For the past 3 months, I’ve been nagging about not being able to buy turkey eggs anywhere and I completely forgot that my grandma has turkeys at her garden! She gave me fresh eggs today to try them out and I LOVED IT!

They’re rich, buttery and taste like chicken eggs of course but without the funk. I think I’m in love! :D

The only eggs I didn’t like are ostrich eggs. They’re too heavy and acidic.

The only eggs left for me to taste are pigeon eggs I think and I don’t want to try them. They’re too tiny.

Did I miss any type of eggs?

I wonder what my next obsession would be!

More egg pictures:

20120329-124600 PM.jpg

Chicken eggs – sunny side up, my favorite

20120329-124910 PM.jpg

Soft boiled eggs

20120329-125047 PM.jpg

Eggs with desert truffles

20120329-125316 PM.jpg

Quail eggs :D

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