ProjectX Deadline

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As you’ve previously read over twitter, instagram and on various blogs, ProjectX is a cooking competition made for bloggers and online users. The best part of the competition in my opinion is not knowing what ingredients we’re using until we unbox it when the competition rounds start :). We will have A LOT of fun experimenting and creating dishes out of those ingredients!

The winners will be decided by a colorful panel of judges:

- Basil Alsalem, we all love and adore his creations (OFK, Burger Boutique, Cocoa Room, Slider Station)

- Fahad Alyehya, Mr. Diet ninja himself will be judging you! (When in doubt, add nutella :p)

- Jumana Al othman, owner of breakfast & brunch ( the om nom factor)

- Ziad Alobaid ( tune it to top chef to know more about him )

- Chef Mongkon from Chef boutique

Apart from that, the competition will be filmed and uploaded via youtube afterwards :D can’t wait!

If you’re a blogger and you’re interested in joining the competition, please register through the following link:

Register Here

Registration deadline is this thursday! Don’t miss out! We’re going to have loads of fun :D

*Special thanks to Tareq Al Askar from and Salma alyaseen for volunteering to film, direct, edit and launch ProjectX episodes :) they’re the best team ever!

Can’t wait to see you all there!

ProjectX Team.

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6 thoughts on “ProjectX Deadline

  1. have fun
    i’d love to participate if it only not filmed and uploaded via youtube

    موفقين ان شاءالله

  2. Hello abeer,

    As we’re mentioned in the rules and regulations, if any blogger is not comfortable around cameras or wants to remain anonymous, we can leave them out of camera focus :)

  3. Hello!
    is this a private event? can we attend it? this is so ‘Chopped’ !! I’m not into participating but I’m so into watching this live!!! I’m a big fan of Food Network and I’m glad to see similar events here in Kuwait! Good luck guys! :))

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