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I wrote a really long post about achieving goals and dreams and never giving up on them because it’s the only way you’ll ever fail.

The irony: right before hitting send, i accidentally deleted it and posted this word instead: Mise en place

With that note: If you have something in mind, do everything you can to achieve it and always plan every step you’ll ever take. You’ll need plan a,b, and all the way to Z. Never leave room for failure and chances.

Chances are: you won’t get it from the first trial, but believe me, it’s all for the best and once you get it, you’ll be even more prepared to fight the battle to keep it and achieve greatness.

When we pray “estikhara” we ask for guidance, and for god to show us the right path for us and also ask for satisfaction. And I just realized that, have I taken the opportunities I got in the past years, I wouldn’t have been able to be who I am today and wouldn’t have been able to actually achieve my goals :)

So, stay positive, be prepared, and work hard for your dreams. It will all pay off eventually.

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