#ProjectX_KWT Finale

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I can’t believe that ProjectX finale is today. Last weekend was super fun! I got to meet lots of foodie bloggers, see them in action and learn from them.

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It was just a thought that we came up with back in March I think and now we’re almost done and el7imdellah everyone is happy about it :)

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It wouldn’t have been a success without our fellow bloggers and the spirit they brought to chef boutique, the awesome judges who have committed to being there all three days of the competition as well as put on all the extra hours before the competition making up rules and choosing special ingredients, Salma Alyaseen and Tareq Alaskar; the filming heroes! They’ve transformed projectX from a simple cooking competition, to a real show! and last but not least, all the awesome sponsors who have made ProjectX a reality

I loved every bit of it! My favorite parts were the following:

- The look on the contestants faces when they saw the secret ingredient. One word: PRICELESS! I have to snap pictures tomorrow!

- Judges reactions to Danderma’s salad. I still smile every time I remember their faces :) The salad looked AWESOME by the way

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- How the bloggers built their dishes. Walking around and listening to them talking to their partners and discussing how they’re going to cook their dishes is my favorite part of the whole competition. I LOVE it when people invent recipes :D

20120616-031827 AM.jpg

- Judges cooking during the competition :) I’m glad everyone had fun

20120616-031730 AM.jpg

That’s only part of it :). If you want to tune in during the finale tomorrow, make sure you check out the following hashtag on twitter and instagram:


Looking forward to seeing what the contestants might come up with tomorrow :)


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One thought on “#ProjectX_KWT Finale

  1. It was seriously amazing and a joy to be a part of! Thanks for this awesome idea and well at least I know I can find my way around the kitchen if there is an apocalypse :P

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