How to sin properly.

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By now, my dietitian will probably ban me from ever stepping foot at their premises & I made my peace with it. My line of business and dieting don’t go along together so i have 40 days to eat whatever it is i want and gain as much weight as I want and no one is allowed to comment about it. Wohoo!

I’m hoping that I feel guilty soon but no, guilt and I don’t get along too well either and I find it funny! I’m having guilt free fun eating sinful dishes :D

Anyways, back to my latest sinful dish:

20120624-112349 AM.jpg


Vanilla ice cream on top of rice flakes layer (use any available cereal), topped with bacon bits, maple syrup and more bacon bits!

If you’re not a fan of bacon, substitute it with rock salt bit it’s a MUST TRY!


Bon Appetit!

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