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When it comes to burgers, I always look for 2 components: the patty and bun. We can get good buns in most restaurants but a good patty? Only a handful of restaurants are capable of delivering good patties that don’t taste like it came fresh from a cow’s behind or overpowered with spices and hashtag is one of them.

Their burgers taste REAL. No fuss, just burgers served with a side order of paprika fries.

The all kuwaiti staff are super friendly which adds lots of bonus points to the experience.

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I’m obsessed with Sriracha sauce (seriously! I take it with me everywhere) and of course I had to try it with their hashtag burger and it turned out to be AMAZINGG!

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Can’t wait to go back there again! This month is all about burgers. I’m craving them badly

Make sure you visit Hashtag and try their burgers. That’s what I’ll be doing this weekend :)

(Hashtag has a new initiative (Plus One) where you can donate KD 1 from each meal you purchase to feed the poor workers which I think is super nice since it’s summer and the poor workers are woking hard under the hot sun. The initiative is a collaboration between hashtag and Ms. bibi alayoub)

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