Thoughts of the day.

It’s funny how people sometimes, turn everything into stupid competitions rather than following one’s own dream and realizing thier full potential.

My advice: just do what you do best, if you like dancing, then by all means DANCE

if you like cooking, just cook

if you like art, create art

don’t take every single action that people do and transform it into a my dog is bigger than your dog act. let things be. let people become who they are no matter what you think and why you think they’re doing what they’re doing.

be your own master of your life, don’t let others actions direct you into doing anything.

Fact: I opened this blog for two reasons: first, to encourage myself to do the things I love most which are cooking and art. I will be adding art related posts in the near future as well as finalize my gallery section (I’m a Graphic designer afterall). second, I only have 5 months to do the things I love, afterwards I might vanish, or transform the blog into something else like recording my journey.

o bas. if you need any more information, visit the about section.

Fiction: everything else is. 

I didn’t cook today :), got out of home at 7 am, had 3 vaccinations, 2 check ups, held a small presentation/seminar, went to the family gathering, helped a friend with a project, had dinner, had fun and I just got home.

I can still move my right arm :), so I’ll cook something tomorrow. maybe two!

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