English tea cake quest.




I’m not a furtune teller, but I can imagine how she must be feeling. trying to recreate the taste of the most amazing english tea cake that she ate 2 years ago.

Manal, my sister was somewhere in England attending a workshop. An old lady who was attending the same class, baked an english cake with lots and lots of nutmeg… it burns she said, just like ginger.. she must’ve added lots of it!

My sister kept talking about it, asking me almost 10 times a day, did you bake it? did you bake it? is it done? I can’t forget its taste, with salted butter spread.. aah

Today, is day number one in creating the same taste of a cake i haven’t tried before :)..

I’m in the kitchen now, the whole kitchen smells like nutmeg.. its very numbing heh..  the batter tasted great, and I’m looking at the cake now in the oven. it doesn’t look as dark as Manal explained, so I’ll add molasses and brown sugar next time… but it looks cute.


by the way, if you haven’t read my about section, there is a paragraph that talks about how I never made sponge cakes ever again. I hope it works this time, it kind of looks like a sponge cake, but with a lighter batter..

My sister is a better cook than I am. but she wants me to bake this cake for her.. been procrastinating, because I don’t know how to fail in cooking… but here it goes!


I’m looking at the oven now, the cake is a bit flat in the middle… is it supposed to be that way? I hope it rises! I’m a newbie here… :)

oh good! its rising :), but its a bit wrinkled on top!


I called my sis, asking her if she wants frosting, she said noooo.. Ok, what about cupcakes manal? nooo it has to be a rectangle, and then I have to cut it and eat it with salted butter :)…


I wish I photographed it while rising and changing color.

here’s the recipe I tried:

  1. 2 cups of flour
  2. 1 tsp of baking soda
  3. 1 tsp baking powder
  4. a pinch of salt
  5. 2 tsp of nutmeg.. (I think I added 3 instead… not sure!)
  6. 1 stick of butter
  7. 1.5 cup of sugar
  8. 3 eggs
  9. 1 cup of buttermilk.
  10. 1 tsp vanilla extract



  1. mix sugar and butter until well combined.
  2. beat the egg properly then add it to the butter mixture
  3. add vanilla extract
  4. in another bowl, mix all the dry ingredients then gradually mix the butter milk, the butter mixture and the dry ingredients together until well blended.
  5. then either fill the cupcakes 3/4 full or fill in the sponge cake mold, nesait shesma. and bake


Heat: 175

if for large cupcakes, bake them for 20 minutes then do the toothpick test, if they’re not baked well, add in 5 more minutes.

for the sponge cake mold thingy, after various trials and mistakes :), the perfect timing is 45-50 minutes. I burned one of the edges when I hit 50 minutes but everything else was just PERFECT :)

 I’m eating it now with a glass of milk.

Bon appetit!


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