English Tea Cake Quest – Day 2



after going through almost 20 recipes, my sister recieved an email from the old lady who made the original recipe.

turned out she added raisins and grated nutmeg instead of nutmeg powder. it made a whole lot of difference. she doesn’t use vanilla extract AND she used brown sugar instead of white sugar.

its baking now in the oven, I’m liking what I’m seeing. I will be posting the pictures in about an hour.

Here it is:


Bon Appetit!


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7 thoughts on “English Tea Cake Quest – Day 2

  1. it looks nice..im sure its yummylicious!! but im not a fan of raisins..so i might stick to the previous recipe :)

  2. looks nice but from where can i find grated nuttmeg? am not sure nuttmeg is yoz il6eeb right?!

  3. hey BND,

    I’m not a fan of raisins either :p, try the previous recipe with grated nutmeg.

    yes its yoz el6eeb. the only place I found whole nutmegs bil kuwait is Geant.. the smell of freshly grated nutmeg is intoxicating :)

  4. Geant :), if you don’t find any, then substitute it with either sour cream or full fat laban from almarai, anything that doesn’t have lots of salty content.

  5. thanks for the recipes Basma , just like to note that the use of nutmeg in cooking is HARAM , you can google it ..
    keep the yum works.

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