Try Napket’s frozen yogurt. The best treat ever

Everyday, they have 1-2 flavors available. check their place today to try their raspberry flavored frozen yogurt.

I Loved their plain frozen yogurt <3 <3 <3

+ you will be served instantly, no waiting in line :)

while you’re there, try their lemon/olive oil dressing with any greens and toppings they serve. so fresh, so delicious! 

ooh and their turkey croissants. with emantel cheese.. simply amazing.



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7 thoughts on “Napket

  1. we love napket..their food is super delish plus their icy yogurt is yummylicious!! 9:20 in the morning im craving for frozen yogurt… :(
    i wanted to try out watermelon or mango any idea which days are those available :D

  2. I wanna try it bs madrey mta, I was at the avenues and the que was long for pinkberry so i opted for some tea from caribou if only i read the post earlier !

  3. BND,

    No Idea when :), but I’m willing to visit them everyday and try every flavor they have!


    you can always share your portion :

    13cups fan,
    I want to, will go tomorrow to check out the timing.

    there is always next time, right? :)

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