Lakoocha Frozen Yogurt



Tried it. Loved it. Going again today :)

their mix berries taste like almarae’s strawberry yogurt. if you’re a fan of almarae’s taste, you’ll definitely like it.

it doesn’t smell like yogurt (scored 5 extra points for that), and its fat free (a whole lotta extra points)

Loved the fact that its quiet. no staying in lines and the staff is very friendly and cooperative.

location: galleria 2000 – Salmiyah

will try pomegranate next time.




Bon Appetit!



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8 thoughts on “Lakoocha Frozen Yogurt

  1. hey!

    tastes completely different. some people didn’t it because it doesn’t taste like yogurt. I however loved the fact that it tastes like failaka ice cream and almarae strawberry milk and yogurt :D

  2. i have heard alot of mixed reviews abt Lakoocha..havent tried it myself yet…if it tastes anything like failaka ice cream then its a sure win win with me :)

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