Smoked Salmon Pizza


I have a pound of Mascarpone cheese laying around in the fridge. Whenever I have an ingredient that’s as versatile as Mascarpone cheese, I will never stop thinking about it until I consume it all with cooking :), so I thought of many recipes, and this pizza is one of them.




I do not mind eating it all day, everyday.. so delicious, and feels so right.

there is a new pizza place that’s opening soon in Kuwait, so I thought this would be a great reason so try out their amazing brick oven that they built specially for this new brand.. I’m in love <3

this pizza is pretty simple to make, and very delicious!




  1. Pizza Crust (I made my own, from one of the cook books I have, but I prefer Jamie Oliver’s recipe. however, you can always use a ready made crust)
  2. Tomato Sauce (you can either use bottled sauces or saute onions, garlic with olive oil and add oregano, salt, pepper, and tomato puree and let it simmer for like half an hour)
  3. Rocca (Rocket).
  4. Smoked Salmon.
  5. Mascarpone Cheese. 
  6. olive oil
  7. lemon



  1. pour a good amount of tomato sauce on the crust, the easiest way is to pour a spoon full in the middle and swirl your way to the edges.
  2. place it in the oven until the crust is fully baked
  3. take it out and add a spoon full of mascarpone cheese on it and spread it around, you’ll have a pink sauce all over.
  4. scatter Rocca leaves and shredded smoked salmon on top then drizzle some olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.


if you’re a smoked salmon lover, you’ll adore this recipe like I did.




Bon Appetit!


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6 thoughts on “Smoked Salmon Pizza

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  2. i love everything about this recipe…we are big fan’s of salmon :) the new place in it Pizzetta :) i missed their soft opening :(

  3. please could you make more recipes with chicken or beef ..things we normally use in a Kuwaiti kitchen.
    by the way i love your blog!

  4. Maha,
    Salmon goes very well with capers :). I love using it for open face cold sandwiches and find it to be a bit on the bitter side when Its heated.

    Glad you likes it, and no its not pizzetta. some other place that’s openning in couple of months :)

    I really don’t remember the actual ingredients I used since I’ve changed it alot but here’s jamie oliver’s
    I like it even more. :)

    thank you
    I’ve done couple of recipes so far that includes beef and chicken, but its nothing like the kuwaiti cuisine. i’ll try to add more :)

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