Rocca, Apple Walnut Salad

After A full day at work, all I wanted was a light crunchy salad followed by fulfilling sandwich. So I made the following :)


  1. Rocca
  2. Thin apple slices
  3. Walnuts
  4. lemon
  5. olive oil
  6. salt
  7. black pepper
  8. Balsamic vinegar
  9. mustard seeds.

Directions: drop everything together in one bowl and mix ;)

Bon Appetit!


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9 thoughts on “Rocca, Apple Walnut Salad

  1. فكرة السلطة حلوه بجمع التفاح مع الجرجير … قبل كم يوم اشتهيت التفاح بسلطه.


  2. Her, you’re mose welcome :)

    Fafa, Mustard seeds are what commercial mustard come from. they are tiny brown balls that looks like just any other spice in the spice isle, but when you crush them, they turn yellow in color… gives any recipe a warm earthy taste.

  3. What are the exact proportions of lemon to olive oil to balsamic? Do you crush the mustard seeds before adding? or do you just add them whole?

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