10 thoughts on “How to peel a boiled egg

  1. LOL :D amazing!!! Who would have thought???!!! Definitely gonna try it with my next boiled egg ;P

  2. That definitely will not work with the eggs you buy in the jam3iya. It’s difficult enough peeling them because of the the membrane that’s usually between the egg and the shell!

  3. I’ll tell you what Ahmad,
    will try it out today and see if it works or not :).

    I still find it hilarious :D

  4. wow it works for me i tried it how amazing haha woooooooowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!i cant belive i peeled 10 eggs in 1 min haha wow

  5. cool basma ur filled with great ideas!!! thnx alot now i can make my boiled eggs much faster

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