Don’t judge me, judge my imaginative brain.


first of all I’m back from my trip :), it was a great trip filled with shopping. came back with 2 lomography camera’s that I literally can’t wait to try (1 fisheye and 1 mini Diana) and some cook books. one of the highlights of my trip was slipping and doing a back flip with high heels. morale of the story: never wear high heels anywhere other than your home :)

OK, let’s get down to business!

I have a confession to make. I’ve seen an image last year that’s haunting me till this day. I can’t stop thinking about how it would taste like but I’m afraid to try it. we’ve all eaten, at least once in our lives a sweet and sour Chinese dish, or pineapple glazed steak or apricot glazed chicken or whatever. all I know is, MEAT TASTES GREAT WITH A SUGARY GLAZE. something very subtle, nothing over the top.. but the hint of sugar makes everything great.. example: Ketchup, BBQ sauces and balsamic vinegar glaze.

back to the picture :)

here it is: (hiding behind the screen, eyes all shut)


look at all the grease. I’d try it with a lean burger, matured cheddar cheese, lettuce, mustard, my burger sauce and a donut, cut in half and crisped. (hides behind screen again).

Won’t even think about counting calories.. am I the only one who finds it interesting to experiment?

Unless you’re looking for clogged arteries by the age of 30, don’t humor me and try it. ;)


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13 thoughts on “Don’t judge me, judge my imaginative brain.

  1. LOL you are genius! I would definitely like to try that. Since I love both burgers and donuts, I wouldn’t see having a donut burger such a bad idea since it’s all gonna mix in la belly !:B

  2. wb basma, we missed u
    o salamat 3ala ezzalga ;)
    regarding donutburgers dont thing that i will try it sooner or later

  3. wow yum haha i tried it and it is great wow !!!!!!!!!! omg i cant believe when i took my first bite i was lik wow how come u didnt try it haha omgosh

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