Coffee Infused Crepe with Nutella Filling


I never really liked crepe, up until I went to an amazing crepe house in my trip to UK. there was something about the banana and nutella mix that made me feel home. Turned out that it was my favorite dish when I was 3 years old. my dad used to stay in a really long line in Germany just to get me this delicious chocolate treat :)

here’s my way of saying I miss home:



  1. 2 shots of espresso, or half a cup of instant coffee. I <3 nespresso *hugs* :)
  2. 3 eggs
  3. A bit more than half a stick of butter. (melted)
  4. 2 TBS of sugar
  5. 1.5 cups of flour
  6. 1.5 cup of skimmed milk
  7. a pinch of salt


  1. mix the milk and egg together
  2. chill the coffee and mix it with the egg batter
  3. add the flour, sugar and salt gradually and keep mixing then add the melted butter.
  4. when you’re done, strain the batter to get rid of all lumps then chill for an hour or so.. or forget about it for 2 days like I did!

Cooking directions:

  1. heat a non stick skillet first, then drop around 1/4 cup of crepe for a small sized one (great serving size, not too big)
  2. take it off the heat immediately and let the batter cover the whole skillet. return it back to the medium heat.
  3. once the sides are dry and the middle is no longer glossy, take a flat spoon and flip the crepe.
  4. now you either put the fillings in the middle and fold 4 sides to make a square (my favorite. it makes it more crispy) or take it off the heat and fill it.


and you’re done :)

my favorite filling is chocolate and banana. or cheddar cheese with tomatoes but of course not with this batter :)



Bon Appetit!


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