Gordon Ramsay’s Shepherd’s Pie





I cannot believe how much time it took me to finish this dish! all you got to do is put the meat in a skillet, mix it up with spices and herbs, boil potatoes, mash them and place them on top of the meat and you’re done :) easy and delicious.

It took me a whole week to finish this pie. I placed the meat in the fridge for two days. Day 3, I cooked the meat. Day 5, I boiled the potatoes. Day 6, put the meat back on the heat to add what’s missing. Today is day 7, I’ll finally eat the pie for dinner :)

I believe I redefined the term slow cooking ;)

Today’s dish is very easy, all kids adore it. I’ll leave gordon ramsey to explain how its done :), followed the same recipe with different ratios. I didn’t add as much olive oil as he did and added less stock and ofcourse no red wine. the rosemary really did make a difference.

tip: if you find the mashed potatoes a bit dry, add skimmed milk to the mixture. you decide whether you want more meat or more potato in the dish.


Bon Appetit!


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