Shrimp Pasta with sundried tomato cream sauce.

I’m a seafood person. Not knowing what a certain seafood dish tastes like would definitely haunt me forever.. I was given surimi products as an inspirational ingredient for my next dishes.. crab sticks, surimi shrimps and surimi lobster tails. This is trial #1 with the surimi shrimps.. They don’t quiet taste like

shrimps but they’re delicious :)


  1. Tagliatelle Pasta
  2. Shrimps
  3. 1 tbs butter
  4. Olive oil (or use the sundried tomato oil)
  5. 1 big white onion
  6. Garlic
  7. 2 cans of cream
  8. About 15 chopped up sundried tomatoes (if you want stronger flavor, go ahead and add the whole jar)
  9. Salt
  10. Black pepper
  11. 1 maggie cube
  12. Parmesan cheese
  13. Worcestershire sauce
  14. Lime zest
  15. water
  16. Cilantro
  17. Crushed chili peppers


  1. In a pot, saute the Onions with the butter and oil. once they’re soft, add the garlic, chili and spices.
  2. Add the cilantro and worcshire sauce. Keep mixing then add the shrimps
  3. add the chopped up sundried tomatoes
  4. add around a cup of water, stirr everything together and once the water starts boiling, add the cream.
  5. let it simmer for about 5 minutes, then add Lime zest and parmesan.
  6. Your pasta should be cooked already. mix it in with cream sauce and serve it hot.
  7. if left cold, the cream sauce will thicken and dry out. you can heat it again with a splash of water.

How to serve:

the best way to seve it is by sprinkling parmesan cheese and lime zest on top and give your guests the choice to add lime juice. I love mine with lime juice incorporated with the pasta.. Lime goes very well with seafood.

Bon Appetit!


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5 thoughts on “Shrimp Pasta with sundried tomato cream sauce.

  1. hi basma….so enjoying your blog! i just gave your muffins a shot…havent tried them yet but they’re looking good. they didnt rise as high and dont have a typical muffin top…any reasons why not?

    can i also ask when you post the ingredients, to also post the brand since it helps your local readers to replicate exact ingredients since different brands have different tastes. for example in this recipe, the brand of the cream?
    or the muffin receipe, the buttermilk and where u actually got it from?
    the pasta recipe, what kind of mascarpone brand?

    thanks alot and doooo cook a whole lot more…im lovin’ it :)

  2. Cookie monster,

    Loved that name :). 2 reasons why it’s not rising: 1. the baking powder you used has been opened for more than a month which is a very common mistake(I always do that) 2. the bananas you used weren’t moist enough and it sucked all the liquids. if you feel the batter is dry, add more liquids.

    I’ll try to add brands next time. that’s a good idea.

    brand of the cream : KDD, whipped cream. it’s the best.
    muffin: I used full fat laban from almarae.
    Mascarpone brand, I really don’t remember, but it had a royal blue label. got it from geant. if they’re not available, you can always use cream.

    Glad you’re loving the blog :)

  3. thanks alot basma :)
    didnt realize there were bananas in the muffin recipe you posted hehehe…
    but i think its your first reason of the baking powder being open for more than a month.
    on a more positive note, they taste great. just want to give them another shot, and let them rise more and create that muffin top :)

    next test will be your pancakes ;)

  4. Dear Readers

    please note that i was honored enough to serve this Yumy pasta to my Husband , who kept asking, is there more left ? is there more left?

    I usually dont mix Pasta with seafood in my cooking , but i think the shrimps are well together with pastas and cheesy cream.

    Cant wait for the next pasta

    keep it up Basma ….you Rock the kitchen



  5. cookie monster,

    try the apple pancake next. very delicious :D


    Thank you hind for the wonderful review. Glad you liked it.
    it means a lot coming from a foodie like you :)

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