Recipe Disaster.





This is my first pasta disaster ever. I spent 2 hours yesterday trying to work on a whole grain, healthy seafood pasta dish. the end result was … A disaster. it didn’t taste the way I wanted. 

  The good stuff:

  1. I boiled the clams with 1 whole Garlic and salt, it gave it a nice flavor. then I added the garlic to the sauce.
  2. The pasta was cooked well. 10 minutes for whole grain pasta and I stoppped the cooking process with cold water.


Here’s what I did wrong. I hope it helps, if you ever decide to cook clams or pasta :)

  1. Mistake #1 : I put fresh clams in the freezer. They died, therefore I could not remove the sand inside the clams with a salted water soak. Instead, I had to manually open each clam and clean it up
  2. Mistake #2: I used a medium sized pot to make the sauce, so I had a hard time mixing the pasta with the sauce. When I transfered the pasta to it’s dish, I realized that all the sauce contents stayed in the pot, so I mixed it again.
  3. Mistake # 3: I forgot to add the mascarpone cheese to the sauce, so mixed it in afterwards.


The flavors weren’t incorporated correctly and the end result was a bland tasting pasta. I’d give it a 5/10. It would have been an amazing dish if I wasn’t sleep deprived.

Here’s what I did to fix it:

I added lemon juice and lemon zest, mixed it very well since the sauce was at the bottom of the plate and let it sit for 20 minutes before serving. It was saved :)

I’m making stuffed portabella mushrooms today. Wish me luck.

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18 thoughts on “Recipe Disaster.

  1. You can as much as you can about your dish, but the picture looks perfect! So if you took that picture then thumbs up :D
    I have been looking for clams for 2 weeks and didnt find any! where did you get it from ?
    i never had to clean the clams alot !! i just rub them witha brush and thats it !! very quick and easy!
    anyway, am sure it wasnt that bad :) good luck on the portabella mushrooms!

  2. Moody panties,
    welcome to my blog. My brother got them for me from Geant, you can always find fresh seafood products there. and thank you for your compliment :)


    The sauce was great but I made few mistakes :)

    I can’t believe it heh. we were eating the dish yesterday and I told my family that the only thing missing was white wine. it sounds delicious mashallah. used almost the same ingredients but substituted basil with parsley and used clam juice & worcestershire sauce instead of white wine.

  3. If it was saved, it couldn’t be called a disaster…
    and if it tasted fine at the end, it could only be called a success.

  4. I agree. The picture tells another story. It does happen though. Like the other day I was making an Orange Olive Oil Cake, everything was going right and smelling right.And then it didn’t taste all that good.Best of luck with Portabella Mushrooms! I love those.Send some over;)

  5. Kulsum,

    orange olive oil cake? did you try to make it again?

    the mushroom dish was HEAVENLY :D, will post the recipe today.

  6. Hi, I am sure you will do it right next time, i prepare clams every month for long time now my wife and i love it with spaghetti. here how i make them:

    1- 1.5 or 2 KG of fresh clams from the fish market sharq not GEANT, much cheaper and fresher 750 fils per kilo. you don’t need the imported clams from france or Europe believe me its the same. you will find them in sharq very fresh and alive.
    2- white wine from sultan center its a MUST (half a cup only)
    3- parsley
    4- garlic
    5- extra vergine olive oil
    6- salt and pepper
    7- spaghetti or any kind of pasta you like.


    1- large pan and heat the oil and add the garlic .. don’t let it change color.
    2- add the clams after you soak them in fresh water for at least 1 hour and clean them good, never freeze.
    3- after 5 minutes add half a cup of the white wine.
    4- after 8-10 minutes add the parsley alone with S&P.
    5- add the pasta after you prepare them “akeed” no need to explain how !
    6- serve.

    Dont ever boil and over do the clams cuz they will shrink and become like rubber and don’t worry they wont be fishy at all, finally don’t add parmesan cheese to sea food pasta .. they don’t get along well.

    bel3afia ……

  7. Faisal,

    thank you for the recipe and tips, will try it out this week inshallah :)

    I really want to pay soug elsemach a visit this weekend.

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