Kefir Grains – خلايا كيفر

I got kefir grains. It’s a type of live organism that ferments milk and transforms it into a laban or thin yogurt consistency. Been using it for 3 days now.. it’s actually pretty easy to make and has lots of health benefits like lowering cholesterol, fixing digestive system, fixing damaged tissues and many other benefits that I do not recall at the moment.

I don’t know if it’s sold in Kuwait, all I know is that it multiplies really fast if taken care of properly, and it feeds on milk. sounds gross doesn’t it ;) .. but it’s pretty cool! if you’re a yogurt lover, you’d definitely LOVE these.

That’s how the grains look like.. Took this picture when I strained my second kefir batch. when rinsed, they look like cauliflower…

Let’s just hope I don’t mess up :) I’m following all the instructions I got from the person who gave it to me and from online kefir communities. wish me luck!

will post another update in 2 weeks.

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16 thoughts on “Kefir Grains – خلايا كيفر

  1. السلام عليكم …
    لقد جربت الكفير لمدة3شهور وهو مريح للمعده والأمعاء ..
    وكان مريحا للأمعاء بشكل واضح..
    وسريع التكاثر والتضاعف..
    لكنه يحتاج لمكان بارد بحوالي 25 درجه م~ويه ليعطي النتا~ج المطلوبه
    بالنسبة لي كان الناتج طعمه يميل للحموضه
    لكن لم الحظ نتائج اخرى غير سهولة الهضم

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  3. Nada

    موجود بالمطبخ الداخلي, فأعتقد الحرارة هي نفسها :)
    شكرا للمرور

    it is weird and gross, and I’m loving it

  4. ماشاء الله الموضوع يي بوقته … أبونا يدوره بالكويت ومادري اشلون انحصله ؟؟! فوصى ناس بامريكا اييبونه له .. بس لويحصل بالكزيت جان بخت :)

  5. I have some available right now. Please send me contact information and address and I’ll let the driver send it to you

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