Grilled Salmon and Asparagus

I’ve been craving for this dish for almost two months now. I’m glad I made it today! It was FANTASTIC

first of all, you really don’t need any sauce with the salmon. I removed it once I took this picture.. it didn’t add anything but calories :) .. the salmon alone tastes phenomenal. And about the asparagus, the white asparagus is a lot sweeter than the green asparagus.. some may like it, but I love green asparagus’s taste, so I advice you to use green asparagus… I couldn’t find any green ones today :)

Here’s how you do it:


  1. Salmon fillet, leave the skin on. Make sure it has the same thickness. I removed the thinner part and grilled it separately. Every bit was cooked evenly, no raw or dry fish on my plate tonight :)
  2. Asparagus
  3. Salt and Pepper
  4. Lemon


  1. The first thing you need to do it to remove the bones from the fillet. You can remove them with your hands. it’s not hard but you can use pliers if you want to.
  2. Season the fish and asparagus with Salt and Pepper, then squeeze half a lemon for each fillet.
  3. I used a grilling pan to grill the salmon and asparagus. Whatever you use, place the fish on the grill and DO NOT touch it or flip it until almost 1/3 of the fish is pale and cooked. Then you can use a flat spoon to flip the fillet. I like mine to be a bit on the raw side, so I grilled all fillets all the way through and left mine slightly raw.. YUM … you can also grill the asparagus on the same grill. It gives it more flavor.
  4. Once you’re done grilling, place your filler and asparagus on a place and squeeze some more lemon on top of it. Add salt to your preference.

That’s it!

Serve it with a light salad :). I’m making some more tomorrow with couscous. Stay tuned!

Bon Appetit!


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9 thoughts on “Grilled Salmon and Asparagus

  1. that looks yummy i guess NOO am sure ill do it this weekend inshallah ;) thanks for those amazing dishes ;*

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  3. Summer,
    Thank you summer.

    the sauce wasn’t really a good idea. I removed it afterwards. The salmon is too delicious and it doesnt need any sauce.

    Welcome to 13cups :). I get mine from Geant. They always have fresh salmon there and it’s close by.

  4. Kulsum,

    White asparagus doesn’t even taste like asparagus.. It felt like eating sugar care with no sugar… does it make any sense? as for the cravings, it definitely beats having food cravings at 5 am in the morning ;D

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