In Town Cafe Review

I was contacted this week by the owner of In Town cafe to try out their dishes. A cute little cafe that I’ve seen back in may when I lost my way to a store I’m visiting (very typical of me) .


Chicken Caesar Salad,

If you’re following the blog, you’d know by now that I’m not into chicken… at all :) but this was extremely delicious!, the chicken bits were cooked to perfection, marinated with a slightly sweet sauce. Everything in the salad was fresh. I specially loved the thin dressing (unlike other heavy Caesar dressings) and the croutons.

I believe this is called Abdullah Sushi. It had beef, cucumbers, caramelized onions and an amazing spicy mayo sauce.

This is an amazing Beef sushi for you, if you’re into spicy meals. I know I am. What I really liked about them is that even though it has mayonnaise, it still was light! you won’t feel over stuffed.

Drink: Rocca Drink

Do you know how it feels when all your senses are over stuffed with all the perfumes you’ve smelled, and the lady comes in and opens a can of coffee beans for you to smell?

This drink is my coffee lady. The taste will clear your palate/senses

It has a lovely, strange and slightly bitter taste from the rocca, slightly sweetened and mixed with milk and crushed ice.

If you’re experimental in nature, I advice you to try it out.

Beef Burger Sushi:

Content: Beef, Caramelized onions, Mushrooms, lettuce and a very light sauce. Even though the dish was extremely juicy, you won’t have any problem handling it.. No dripping, no mess :)

When I heard the name of the dish, I had my doubts.. but all ingredients work very well together.. you have the lovely beef patty, the sticky rice that holds everything in its place, the crunchiness of lettuce, the sweetness of the onions.. oh and the delicious sauce.


What I really loved about the cafe is the fact that all their dishes are innovative and tasty. I usually find restaurant dishes always missing an ingredient but I didn’t have the urge to change anything.. It was perfect.

Try it out. You’ll be surprised!

For Delivery: 224 97 971

And you can find them in as well


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6 thoughts on “In Town Cafe Review

  1. Tareq and Lama,
    I went there the next day. The place is sooo tiny and cute. Will use it for my meetings :)

    oh u should! and try the jarjeer juice

  2. Hello

    after your post I did try the restaurant but burger beef was zafer! big time zafer! I’m a major meat eater and rarely recognize bad beef as I’m tolerant to it, but this time it was disastrous.

  3. Hi Dina,

    Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience. Mine was really good in the 2 times I ordered. I’ll let them know.

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