Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins.


It’s been awhile. This blog was supposed to open officially on january 15th.   better late than never right?  

I haven’t finished designing the blog (correcting the template actually, which is what’s keeping me from posting).  so, I’ll just  build it up over the next week.  

Recipes and pictures have been piling up and I have so much to share! so here we go :)     


A picture on facebook on one of my friend’s profile inspired me to start posting recipes. Many thanks to you Noura :), this is for you!   


my banana choco. chip muffins while they're baking in the oven :)


This is the most delicious, moist, heart warming muffins I’ve ever tasted. they’re great for cold morning :)    

The most important thing about baking anything in the oven is getting to know your ingredients and how your oven works. each oven works differently. for example: I never follow the required baking time for any recipe, and I never follow any recipe as is. you gotta know how your oven works. for baked goods; try to watch them after about 75-80% of the required baking time is done. if they’re darker than they should, take them out.     

The recipe:    (CORRECTED VERSION) My apologies, I forgot one of the ingredients! 

  1. 6 bananas- mash them with a fork, and keep some chunks in, they will taste sooooooo good when they’re baked.
  2. 2/3 cup of vegetable oil
  3. 1 egg
  4. 1.5 tsp vanilla extract (usually use liquid but they’re scarce lately! any idea where I can get some?)
  5. 2 cups flour ( half brown and half white also works but you gotta increase the oil amount  for a bit)
  6. 1/2 cup sugar (I mix 1/4 white and 1/4 brown or molasses sometimes)
  7. 2 tbs chocolate Powder
  8. 1 tbs Baking powder
  9. 1/2 tsp salt (salt is crucial, it brings out the flavor of everything else)
  10. 1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips (I personally prefer milk chocolate chips, kids love them as well and its much more delicious when combined with brown sugar)



This is how I write things in my cook book, if you find it too vague, please tell me and I’ll re-write it :)     

  1. Blend: mashed bananas, oil, egg and vanilla together
  2. In a large bowel: mix all dry ingredients. then add the banana mixture to it and mix it well.
  3. grease the cups and add fill each cup 3/4 full/.
  4. Bake: 15-20 minutes in a preheated oven (220 Celsius or 425 Fahrenheit)

I keep it for 15 minutes, then close the oven (electronic) and keep the muffins in for 2-3 minutes.     

Once they’re done. take them out, let them cool a bit, then remove them from the tin.     

Best eaten with a cold cup of milk in the morning.     

I’m hungry.   

Stay tuned, delicious black bottoms and chocolate souffle`s are coming right up.    


Bon Appetit!


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16 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins.

  1. Ambeeee Bassoooom U just killed me :$
    7addeech shawa8teneee,, 5osh recepie and easy as well.
    en sha Alla asaweha soon ^^

  2. Bassoooooom Yuummmy!!
    totally in love with it <3
    en sha Alla asaweeha soon ^,^

    Q: In step 2 when u add el dry ingrediants, mix it blcake blender or by hand ?

  3. Fatma and Hanan,
    thanks for being the first to post :)

    O good, this is exactly how I want my readers to feel while they’re reading

    “hungry and able to cook” ;)

  4. fatma,

    everything is mixed by hand. etha tabeen whisk the dry ingredients by a fork or a whisk before adding the banana mixture to get rid of any lumps

  5. Ahaa 3ad wala marra sawait mix by my hand lool
    Thanks Bassom
    la7’9ay mn zod el7mas i posted twice ;P

  6. muffins are easy and yummy… i usually bake mini muffins and i use somewhat similar recipe but with apple really is a crowd pleaser :) Love when apple is baked..its soo delicious!! i love banana bread too :)
    Btw, nice blog… :)

  7. BNDQ8


    and yes they are way too easy

    the smell of baked apples just kills me. apple muffins with cinnamon and nutmegs.. now that would be a satisfying breakfast.

  8. mashallah el-pic 3ajebah ;)

    “usually use liquid but they’re scarce lately!”..
    [yes ma2sat ;?]

    i went to Rawda Co-op the other day looking for Sodium bicarbonate, and food coloring but they were out of stock!!

  9. Hi :)
    Basouma r u sure we don’t need to add water or milk?
    cause when i followed ur recipe, its was super thick, and after backing it tasted like 3ajen ;p

  10. Okh you’re right!, I’ forgot to mention one of the ingredients!

    its 2 Table spoons chocolate powder and 1 TBS baking powder.. didn’t write it correctly sorry!

    if its like 3ajeen, then check your oven. it might not have been hot enough to begin with. + if its a gas oven, you need to know the exact proper timing like I said: get to know your oven :)

    + if you use bananas that are not ripe, you will get this doughy texture. just add a bit of buttermilk to it :)

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