Help Me Post This Recipe Please.

I was going through my mom’s recipe box and I found 3 sweet recipes that I loved and I don’t normally go for sweets.

The above picture was the end result of recipe #1.. The softest, most delicious and aromatic sponge cake I’ve ever tasted. Just the memory of it makes me hungry!


I’d love to share the recipe with you…

But here’s the trick… I can’t post the recipe!

UNLESS I get 50 likes.

That’s the deal I got :)

Please HELP ME post this recipe by hitting the like button Below :)

Bon Appetit!


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10 thoughts on “Help Me Post This Recipe Please.

  1. Hey fafa,
    Its right under “did you like this? Share it” sentence. And I believe you have to be connected to facebook

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  3. Awasha, Very thankful for that :)

    Summer, Always a supporter *hugs*

    3ateeja, I sooo wanted to post it today :D, but I really didn’t have the time to write it. One hint: it has thick cream AND whipping cream! can you imagine how moist it is? Will post it first thing in the morning I promise :)

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