Lazy Tiramisu


I guess this week’s recipes are for us lazy cooks :)

Today’s dish is an easy imitation of the traditional tiramisu recipe. it took me less than 25 minutes to finish preparing this dish.


  1. a cup of whipping cream
  2. a cup of mascarpone cheese and if you’re like me and you like it to be thick and cheesy then add two cups
  3. 4-5 table spoons of sugar
  4. a drop of vanilla
  5. a splash of milk
  6. instant coffee and water ( I highly recommend using espresso shots instead)
  7. lady’s fingers
  8. cocoa powder
  9. a chocolate bar. ( I like lindt 85% dark chocolate)


  1. whip the whipping cream until it forms soft peaks
  2. in another bowl, mix the mascarpone cheese with the sugar, milk and vanilla.. add more sugar if you think its not sweet enough. I like mine with a light sugary flavor. then add the whipped cream to the mixture.
  3. mix the instant coffee with water and pour it in a deep dish. becareful, don’t use hot water.
  4. take out the lady fingers and dip them in coffee for a second on each side, take them out and place them on a plate (one layer), like in the above picture. mine was 12 lady fingers for a layer. make sure you dip one lady finger at a time so that they don’t get too soft.
  5. now start layering, add a layer of the mixture, then add cocoa powder. another layer of lady fingers, cream mixture and cocoa powder
  6. in the end, take out the chocolate bar, place your hand above your plate and brush the bar with a knife, you’ll get instant chocolate shavings.
  7. eat the rest of the bar with a cup of milk :)
  8. now for the hardest part: don’t eat it now. place it in the fridge over night.

it can’t get any easier.


Bon Appetit!


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9 thoughts on “Lazy Tiramisu

  1. صج شي عجيب احلى تيراميسو ذقتها وخفيفه ماحسيتها ثقيله , وطبعا انا كل يوم اذوق الاطباق الجديده هذا تخصصي

  2. نهال:
    طبق اليوم لي الحين ما جربتيه :p

    ذوقيه اليوم, صار وايد ألذ من امس

  3. Hi,
    I’ve been wanting to try to make tiramisu for along time… so thanks.. but wanted to ask from where did u get mascarpone cheese..


  4. hey Maryam,

    I got it from Geant. they have the most amazing cheese collection ever.

    they even have ricotta and creme freche. you can find it in the milk and diary section.

  5. I usually fill a big bowl half way through and dip the biscuits before lining them and whenever I need more, I’d just make some more

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