Baking Tray

Not to be missed:

Baking Tray’s Chai Haleeb and their amazing lasagna. I’ve posted a review about the restaurant at

Don’t forget to check it out and have an account at yallawain. It’s an awesome website :)

I’ve been going there on a daily basis. finally finished their sandwich menu and switched to pies. everything is just amazing.

if it’s your first time, get the turkey on a sunflower and work your way through the menu until you reach their awesome wild mushroom sandwich. Every time you go, cookies and chai haleeb has to be part of your meal or you’ll be missing a huge part of the experience. I love hanafi; their chef. He’s very friendly :)

overall experience: I loved everything except for the rustic vegetable focaccia and their mince pie only because they’re heavy but other people like them. Everything else is just sensational. I’m thinking of having a daily lunch subscription for work since I’m literally having my lunch from BT every single day :)

personal favorites: organic chocolate chip cookies, chai haleeb, onion and chicken quiche, turkey on a sunflower sandwich, wild mushroom sandwich, the roast… it’s basically everything I tasted, oh and get their sun dried tomatoes. they’re awesome!”

Bon Appetit!

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4 thoughts on “Baking Tray

  1. I just ordered cookies, EBT and turkey on sunflower to celebrate my mayorship. Going to a friend’s house to enjoy our meal :)

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