Cherriez Frozen Yogurt: A new place in town :)

Hello! (OH I can see myself in the reflection – waves hello!)

I got you a new frozen yogurt place in town for you to try out. I love their flavors AND its perfectly situated in the business area; Kuwait city, so they deliver to your offices, plus they have like a drive through service.

Flavors: Original, Mango, and Strawberry. My favorite is original and strawberries with all berries fruits. now, I’ve tried sooo many frozen yogurts in Kuwait. In terms of taste, I love Cherriez the most. It feels so fresh and light :)

For delivery call : 22474888. Available only to their surrounding area. Lucky me! My work place is close :)

and don’t forget to visit, the place is CUTE!

That’s my order today:

Sampling flavors:

Toppings: I love berries with Granola. Killer combination.




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