Tasty ManOsha

Another new place is town :).

Tasty crispy hot mana’eesh, shamiyat and pizzas.

I usually don’t like mana’eesh but this place is Awesome! Its my second time here. I find it to be very homey and perfect for quick suppers away from crowds :)

You can find them next to haleeb o hail. Tel: 22456610

My favorite is zaatar with black olives. Its to die for.

That’s the place:

Egg and cheese man’osha




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One thought on “Tasty ManOsha

  1. Hi

    I tried Tasty Manosha, the food was terrible,tastes very bad,the dough tastes bad and there was no toppings on the Manosha,just little burned cheese and Mas7at Labnah

    You should try Managesh of Cafe Royal in Sal7ia,it worths the money you pay.

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