13Cups is on a Diet

ان طاعك الزمان ولا طيعه

Starting tomorrow, 13Cups will be on a diet. Meaning that all the recipes I’ve prepared for the month of May will be figure friendly. Just like last ramadan. Check out the recipes I posted last ramadan, it will give you an example of what I mean :)

Diet Details: Rejeemy center, with @dietitianleeri. The diet is based on my BMR, and my life style. His diet seems fun but I’ll know for sure when I start tomorrow :) wish me luck!

I’ll update you every 2 weeks with results.

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting the first recipe this week :)

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4 thoughts on “13Cups is on a Diet

  1. Hi.. I am so glad to hear this, since I am on a diet too!! Would you mind giving more information on rejeemy center? How do they base the diets, etc? And the website and location of the place? I am interested in starting a program with a dietician and I would like to have a bit more information so I can choose soon. Thanks!!

  2. Hey F,

    sorry for the late reply,

    more info: it’s founded by Dr. Abdullah almutawa, they usually require blood test before you could get a diet plan. in your first visit, you’ll get complete analysis and measurements of which they will base your diet plan on. they base your calorie intake on your BMR.

    so far, the diet is going well and I suggest you ask Dr. Ahmad for more info. he’s on twitter @dietitianleeri :)

  3. hi i just came across ur blog-love it! and yeah welcome to the diet world :) bas y do u hv to cook ur own meals? is it just a consultation with the dietician aw diet food delivery service? (i’m on health watchers-they deliver ur diet food home) and to be honest it gets the hassle of weighing ingredients and planning ur daily menu..which to me is a blessing!

  4. I spent the last 3 months having my meals delivered. I need a little change :)

    rijeemy is just for consultation. they lay out a plan for me, 2 weeks at a time.

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