White Tea – Asian Plum Flavor.





I was at the grocery store doing some tea shopping when I came across this brand. I haven’t tried them before but they had a really cool collection of teas. 1 for happy moods, green tea, 1 for harmony of the body and soul and many other teas with different names and features. This tea has caught my attention because I’ve never tasted a white tea I liked other than the 3D cold revolution white tea. They used to sell it at TSC and I don’t think its still available.

I thought I’d give it a shot after @thedietninja gave me his blessings.

First of all let me just saw that the aroma alone is enough to put me in a happy trance :). It smells better than it tasted but I’m telling you, I had 2 cups today and they were magnificent!

Thought I’d share it with you :)
I got mine from south surra, alzahraa co op. They have a wide collection of teas.






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