Bazza Cafe



OK, let’s start from the beginning,

The atmosphere, the selected music, and interior are all perfect. I loved everything about it, specially the paintings :)


My favorite dish was Bazza Salad. its made of lettuce, Rocca, Corn, shredded chicken, roasted tomatoes, Halloumi cheese and dressed with a simple lemon olive oil dressing.

Second favorite is this tannour. best msakhan ever!

and the below image is how they serve their hot drinks. I ordered milk with saffron, ginger and cinnamon but I didn’t like it because it was tooo sweet. It was even sweeter than the mhallabiya and kanafa! Speaking of sweet, they were awesome as well.



Things I did not like: the slow service and not getting our order right (ordered two servings of salads and milk and we got 1) but it’s completely understandable since hey have just opened and they need a month or 3 to get used to the amount of people dining in.



In short: give it a shot, its fun.


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7 thoughts on “Bazza Cafe

  1. Hey other basma :)

    There are two places; one in salmiya but I don’t know where exactly, and one on the gulf street, next to caramel and opposite to fridays. Ya3ni awal ma te6le3een min elda2eri elthani telgaina on your left.

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