A Day at Chef Boutique

We were invited earlier this month to try out one of @chef_boutique’s awesome classes. Most of us picked italian as our preference and we ended making pesto, a goat cheese aubergine salad, and chicken pesto pasta.

The experience was amazing! It was my second time there. The first time was with bazaar magazine team and we cooked thai food. I personally loved the thai food experience more because i’m not experienced in thai cuisine and i had a chance to make my favorite soup; tom yam soup and customize it to my liking.

You should check out their classes.

I’ll leave you with the yummy pictures :)

20111221-050653 PM.jpg

20111221-050735 PM.jpg

20111221-050810 PM.jpg

20111221-050834 PM.jpg

20111221-050856 PM.jpg

20111221-051011 PM.jpg

The last picture is Marquesa; Empress’ flourless cake. It’s gluten free and my all time favorite cake :)

That’s it! I can’t wait to try their pastry class next time. My friends loved it.

Chef Boutique’s website

Bon appetit!

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2 thoughts on “A Day at Chef Boutique

  1. I checked their site, and it looks like I’m going to try their Italian and their Chinese courses. Do you think I need to take a friend, or can it be a thing I can do on my own? Ya3ni for more focus :)

  2. having a friend is always more fun. I want to go to their pastries class. I’m pretty bad at baking ;P

    let me know when you’re going. I want to try their asian blend course too. Tried Thai. 7adda 3ajeeb

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