Veggie Cannelloni with bechamel sauce


I’m very happy with today’s cooking outcomes :). It was delicious, satisfying and very easy to make.







  1. 6 cannelloni (big tube like pasta)
  2. 2 TBS flour
  3. 2 TBS Butter
  4. 1 to 2 cups of milk (depending on how thick you want your bechamel)
  5. 3 garlic cloves
  6. 1 medium onion
  7. 2 tomatoes
  8. 1 big carrot
  9. 1 parsnip
  10. 2 big zucchini’s
  11. 3 spring onions
  12. cilantro
  13. salt
  14. 2 Maggie cubes
  15. mozzarella cheese



you have 3 parts; the cannelloni, the stuffing and the sauce.

For the cannelloni:

  1. boil water, salt and a bit of oil (people think its a waste of olive oil but I like adding oil, it clings to the pasta when you strain the water)
  2. drop the cannelloni in the water and keep them for 2-3 minutes. we want them to be half cooked
  3. strain the water and wash soak them with cold water to stop them from cooking

For the sauce:

  1. in a pot, heat some olive oil and add cilantro, garlic and maggie cube and saute` them.
  2. add in the 2 TBS of butter and once it melts, add the 2 TBS of flour. this acts like a thickening agent (called roux)
  3. once everything is fully incorporated, add in the milk and keep adding untill you reach the desired consistency
  4. take it off the heat.

For the stuffing:

  1. in a pot, heat some oil (about 1 TBS is enough), and drop in the garlic, chopped onions and spring onions.. saute` them and add 1 maggie cube.
  2. put the 2 tomatoes in the blender and keep them ready for use.
  3. shred carrots, parsnip and zucchinis. add carrot and parsnip in the pot first. once it gets softer, add the tomato puree… keep mixing then add the zucchinis
  4. add in salt if needed.



What’s next?

  1. take a bit of the stuffing and place it in a baking plate, then mix it with the sauce. (optional but it really does make a difference)
  2. stuff the cannelloni with the stuffing and place them on the mixture.
  3. add in a bit more stuffing on top then pour the bechamel until it covers the cannelloni
  4. sprinkle mozzarella cheese then bake it for 20 minutes in the oven



A seriously delicious lunch :D



Bon Appetit!


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7 thoughts on “Veggie Cannelloni with bechamel sauce

  1. that loooks sooo nice!! creamy ..i just want to dig my face into it!! sorry i have a weird passion when it comes to food… nice veg recipe…its really nice coz im fasting so no meat for me… :(
    usually i make it funky by putting all the meat i find at!! im a chicken person so chicken is like in everything i make :D

  2. it is yummy :), made it again today

    I’m not a chicken person at all, but I’m a meat fanatic, I don’t mind eating meat all day long, all kinds. what I like even more is searing meat then cutting it in thin slices to expose the rare delicious insides… yummm

    I can’t find any restaurant in Kuwait that serves rare steaks… they’re either over cooked or medium..

    I’m missing my kebbe neyyi drizzled with lots of olive oil as well :( I too am fasting from all types of meat… hence the veggie recipes.

  3. wow…just reading ur reply got me super hungry and craving for some red meat…ouchhhhh!! :) have u tried stone grill they say its good…havent been their yet..ur right the meat is either over done or medium…

  4. haven’t tried it yet, I was given a +1 invitation but I didn’t have the time to do so. might try it next month :)

  5. heeey!
    i made the reciepe i actually re7t iljam3eya 3ashan bs ashtiri the Cannelloni :p latheeeetha! bs i messed up in few things:

    - i filled the Cannelloniis with ground meat but without plenty of tomato sauce so when baked it was kinda dry from the inside.

    - i did not boil the Cannelloni, i just filled them and place them in the tray as mentioned on the box so when baked by logic it has to get bigger bs i never imagined that it would go that big so it looked distorted coz there was no space 4it to stretch ;p

    - i put the veggies down and on the top was nice bs also got confused about the bechamel sauce i made it a bit thicker than it has to be!

    though it was super delicous o we ate it all o 3alena bel3afya ;p eheheh

  6. toasta,

    wow, seems like you’re enjoying your time!

    everything can be fixed for next time, the bechamel always gets thicker after it sets, so try to add as much liquid as you need for the recipe. the right consistency would be having it as heavy as buttermilk. it will be amazing when its baked :)

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