Alvaro, from the awesome Buzberry blog called me this week to tell me about a tasting session at a new thai place that’s opening soon and we’re invited. Even though I have no sense of direction, the place is quiet easy to go to.

The architecture is amazing. It doesn’t feel like you’re in Kuwait. Loved the lighting and the little touches, like the cute little red flower at each table and even the way the food is served.

Let’s get down to business. I am very picky when it comes to food so I got pretty excited when they served me couple of dishes that I craved the moment I left the restaurant! (shrimps and Curry. OMG)

Instead of reviewing every single thing we ate, I’ll tell you what I’m ordering the next time I’m there ;)

I’ll start with the iced coffee. The way its served is fun. you get two very distinct layers of milk and coffee with sugar syrup. You mix it to blend the layer and flavors together before drinking. Pleasant to the eye :)

Then I’ll have a bowl of Tom yum soup. It comes with 4 difference variations: chicken, vegetables, seafood and prawns. I was surprised when they served me the soup. It was thick! almost creamy. but it’s good :) All the flavors that makes a tom yum soup are there. I give it 7.5/10 just because I like it light, but it was good. Next time I’ll ask them to have less milk for me but that’s just me :)

then I’ll have a plate of jumbo shrimps. The spice blend they’re using is just right, not too salty, not too spicy but packs a lot of flavors. I hate it when restaurants over cook my shrimps and make them all rubbery, but with ubon, they were soft and cooked to perfection. Don’t get me started with the smell. I wasn’t even hungry but this dish was gone the moment it hit the table. absolute YUMMINESS. Rate: 10/10

For my main dish, I’ll have either pineapple fried rice or steamed rice, accompanied with their green curry. Every restaurant has a signature dish that is known for, just like P F Changs’ dynamite shrimp. Their dish would be that awesome mouth watering green curry. It’s spicy, tangy, has a lot of ginger, dense and light at the same time madri shlon! and the smell and flavors oh my god I want it right now. I don’t mind having it over and over and over and over again. DELICIOUS. The moment they open, I’ll be the first there ordering the green curry and having it with rice. Rate: 15/10 seriously.

No dessert for me but I might go for their frozen yogurt if I wasn’t able to handle the spice :)

Ubon has potential to be a great thai place. The owners are amazing, taking all our comments of all the dishes served.

here are some of the other dishes we had


Steamed chicken wrapped in banana leaf

Pad thai which unfortunately I don’t have a picture of :(

Beef dish. I completely forgot its name but it was an ok dish.

Green papaya salad that has 2 different dressing variations

Sticky rice with mango

All the pictures in this post are taken by buzberry

I want that curry right now.

Bon Appetit!


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