all my good childhood memories were revolving around the kitchen, my art projects and our book shelves. I remember my mother and sisters sitting around the kitchen table chatting and helping my mother while she’s creating a new sensational dish.. I think I was 3 years old, holding the tip of the table and standing on my toes and barely able to look at what they’re doing :)

later on, my mother bought me a small wooden step so I can see (and secretly take back my pacifier from the wooden drawer at night ;) but that’s another story! ). at the age of 8, I made my very first sponge cake.. needless to say, it was a disaster and I’ve never baked sponge cakes ever again :), but I went to the kitchen the next day and made my first success.

the feeling was indescribable. My journey began there, at that day when I baked my first basbosa :D..

I’m not a cook, I’m a foodie.. I combine ingredients in my mind and rush to the grocery store to see if they work together. but before that, I call my eldest sister and we day dream together :D

Why 13Cups?

have you ever wanted to do something, but never had the time to do it? well I have tons of those things so I decided to give myself the permission to pursue whatever makes me happy.

13Cups of coffee. That’s how it all started. It took me 13 cups of coffee to be able to finish my senior project on time. I was very determined to finish it, and since then, every time I’m put in a situation that sounds impossible, I remember the 13 cups. Everything is possible if you have the passion and determination to do them.


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