ProjectX Deadline

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As you’ve previously read over twitter, instagram and on various blogs, ProjectX is a cooking competition made for bloggers and online users. The best part of the competition in my opinion is not knowing what ingredients we’re using until we unbox it when the competition rounds start :). We will have A LOT of fun experimenting and creating dishes out of those ingredients!

The winners will be decided by a colorful panel of judges:

- Basil Alsalem, we all love and adore his creations (OFK, Burger Boutique, Cocoa Room, Slider Station)

- Fahad Alyehya, Mr. Diet ninja himself will be judging you! (When in doubt, add nutella :p)

- Jumana Al othman, owner of breakfast & brunch ( the om nom factor)

- Ziad Alobaid ( tune it to top chef to know more about him )

- Chef Mongkon from Chef boutique

Apart from that, the competition will be filmed and uploaded via youtube afterwards :D can’t wait!

If you’re a blogger and you’re interested in joining the competition, please register through the following link:

Register Here

Registration deadline is this thursday! Don’t miss out! We’re going to have loads of fun :D

*Special thanks to Tareq Al Askar from and Salma alyaseen for volunteering to film, direct, edit and launch ProjectX episodes :) they’re the best team ever!

Can’t wait to see you all there!

ProjectX Team.

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Poaching Made Easy

20120430-042140 PM.jpg

This is the easiest poaching method I ever tried. All you need to do is get the egg poachies from home selection at arraya complex and follow the instructions:

1. Place a poachie in a cup or a mug, and break the egg inside

20120430-041256 PM.jpg

2. Place the poachie immediately in the simmering water and wait for 6 minutes

20120430-041624 PM.jpg

3. Take it off the heat and let it dry out a bit then gently shake the pouch till the egg comes out. Place it on a bun and enjoy eating it :)

20120430-041734 PM.jpg

Mine was toasted bread, a lil bit of Dijon mustard, turkey slices, the poached egg of course and then topped with sriracha sauce which is my current obsession :)

bon appetit!

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Dessert on the go: nutella strawberry sandwich

20120425-080729 PM.jpg

Sometimes the best desserts are the easiest ones :)

Try this for a quick sugar fix (or over dose):

Slice strawberries and mix them with icing sugar and leave them in the fridge over night, then take a whole grain bun, cut it in half and spread a dollop of nutella and marshmallow cream, layer the strawberries on top and enjoy the phenomenal taste over a cup of milk or coffee :)

Bon appetit!

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How to Make Soft Boiled Eggs

20120329-124910 PM.jpg

Although i love eggs, I can never have hard boiled eggs unless they’re deviled or finely chopped and mixed with something else. Egg yolks should always be soft and runny or I won’t enjoy eating them.

The best way to have soft yolks and hard egg whites is by following these steps:

- Boil some water
- Turn the heat off and place the eggs in the water for 6 minutes
- Take them off the water immediately and enjoy eating them :)

I love dipping baby asparagus in the yolks. They taste great!

*The egg in the picture was left for 7-8 minutes in the water.

Bon Appetit!

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Whisk Kuwait Cooking Classes

20120407-041738 PM.jpg

Whisk Kuwait is offering new healthy classes for the month of April. Check out their menu below:

April 7th 10am-1pm
Pecan tuiles made with pure maple syrup & natural cane sugar, nut crust crumbles, all-natural energy & protein bars sweetened by nature, and a lovely lemon olive oil cake made with flax seeds, cashew cream & organic whole grain spelt.

April 8th 5pm-8pm & April 30th 10am-1pm
Learn how to turn plenty of healthy options into hearty meals. Handmade ravioli, mushroom barley risotto, homemade spinach fettuccine, & quinoa pilaf!

April 22nd 5pm-8pm & April 23rd 5pm-8pm (2-day course)
During this 2-day course, learn how to braise brisket and roast a rack of veal on Day 1, pan-sear burgers, grill fajitas, and cook tenderloin & strip-loin to perfection on Day 2.
Prime Cuts will be giving a brief tutorial about the various cuts of beef we will be using, and the best methods for cooking each. This course is for the serious carnivore!

April 26th 5pm-8pm & April 29th 5pm-8pm
It’s all about fresh fish! We’ll be marinating, grilling, searing and roasting fresh catch. You can also join our chef at the fish market when she picks up the class’s ingredients, so that you can also learn how to choose the freshest fish.

Classes are limited to 5 seats only. KD 45 for each class except for prime cuts class (KD 90 for a two day class


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Candied Orange Peel: @pick_yo’s New Summer Flavor

20120404-033933 PM.jpg


A while back I was invited to taste the most amazing and refreshing flavor ever at Pick Yo. It was candied orange peel and It’s the best frozen yogurt flavor i’ve ever tried!

You can have it as topping or blended with the yogurt. My favorite is blended with the yogurt, then added on top as topping. Drizzle a tiny bit of hazelnut chocolate syrup and top it with chocolate flakes. Just simply ahhhmazing! The combination reminds me of macintosh’s quality street and takes me back to childhood :) but it’s also great by itself as well with no toppings at all.

20120404-034920 PM.jpg


If you are a fan of candied orange, then you’ll LOVE IT like I did.

The flavor can be found at both stores now (Kefan and Kuwait city) and is also available for delivery: #22913333

While you’re at it, try out their pistachio flavor too :)



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Garlic Prawns With Mango Salsa

20120330-063954 PM.jpg

This is probably the freshest tasting dish I’ve ever made :)

All you need is the following:

For the salsa:

1 Firm Australian mango
Few leaves of mint
Around 1-2 TBS of chopped cilantro
Salt and pepper
Lime juice
Half a small red onion finely chopped
Green chili finely chopped ( or jalapeño of you find any)
Around half a red bell pepper ( i used green)
You can add ginger if you want

Mix all the ingredients together. Add a bit of lime juice and taste it and see if it needs more I use two limes. Leave the salt and pepper at the end and gradually add them until it suits your taste. I like my salsa with chunky mangos. You can cut them in smaller size if you want.

For the shrimps:

20120330-064032 PM.jpg

Just clean and sauté them with olive oil, garlic stalks, salt and pepper, and cilantro if you have any left from the salsa :) If you don’t have garlic stalks, use garlic cloves.

Bon appetit!

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My Name is Basma & I’m an Eggoholic

20120329-124403 PM.jpg

Those are turkey eggs :D

I think by now, everyone who’s following me on twitter and instagram knows how much I love eggs. I am literally obsessed about trying out all the different eggs you may find. If they’re edible I’ll try them :)

I tried chicken eggs, quail eggs, duck, geese, and the huge ostrich egg that took me hours trying to break and finally did that with a hammer and my trusty wood carving tools :)

For the past 3 months, I’ve been nagging about not being able to buy turkey eggs anywhere and I completely forgot that my grandma has turkeys at her garden! She gave me fresh eggs today to try them out and I LOVED IT!

They’re rich, buttery and taste like chicken eggs of course but without the funk. I think I’m in love! :D

The only eggs I didn’t like are ostrich eggs. They’re too heavy and acidic.

The only eggs left for me to taste are pigeon eggs I think and I don’t want to try them. They’re too tiny.

Did I miss any type of eggs?

I wonder what my next obsession would be!

More egg pictures:

20120329-124600 PM.jpg

Chicken eggs – sunny side up, my favorite

20120329-124910 PM.jpg

Soft boiled eggs

20120329-125047 PM.jpg

Eggs with desert truffles

20120329-125316 PM.jpg

Quail eggs :D

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Butter Bean Dip

20120327-061439 PM.jpg



Making my own meals everyday is becoming a habit :)

I’m having weird cravings recently for everything vegetarian. Couple of days ago I made sweet potato microwave chips and dipped them in labna. Then popcorn with hummus at night!

Today’s dinner will be popcorn with this delicious dip.

العشا اليوم نفيش ويا تغميسة الفاصوليا البيضا



  1. 1 can of butter beans – make sure they’s preserved in water and salt and not sugar. علبة فاصوليا بيضا محفوضة بالماي و الملح
  2. Half a minced garlic clove نص فص ثوم مفروم
  3. The juice of one lemon عصير ليمونة وحدة
  4. A pinch of salt if needed ملح اذا احتجتوا
  5. Around 1/4 tsp of black pepper ربع ملعقة صغيرة فلفل اسود
  6. Finely chopped parsley بقدونس مفروم

Put everything in your food processor and mix away! :) that’s it!


حطوا كل شي بمحضرة الطعام و خلطوا :)

تقدرون تاكلونه مع بطاط او ناتشوز او نفسي مع نفيش



You can eat it with chips, nachos or dip couple of popcorns like me :)




Bon appetit!

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