Maki’s Marina Salad imitation

وصفة رمضانية

20120702-073740 PM.jpg

Disclaimer: this is my own interpretation of maki’s marina salad. All you need is the following:

- rocca leaves
- crab sticks and a spoon full of caviar
- 1 TBS sesame oil
- 1 TSP lemon juice (or less)
- 1 TSP black sesame (optional)
- 1-2 TBS mayonnaise
- 1-2 TSP soy sauce

All you need to do is mix the sesame oil, lemon juice, mayo, and soy sauce together, then toss it with the shredded crab sticks and rocca & top it with caviar

Viola! You got yourself a nice salad for ramadan :) I discarded the caviar and crabsticks today and it was still so gooood.

Make sure you adjust the dressing to your liking. Example: I like it tangy so I juiced a whole lemon.

Bon appetit!

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Butter Bean Dip

20120327-061439 PM.jpg



Making my own meals everyday is becoming a habit :)

I’m having weird cravings recently for everything vegetarian. Couple of days ago I made sweet potato microwave chips and dipped them in labna. Then popcorn with hummus at night!

Today’s dinner will be popcorn with this delicious dip.

العشا اليوم نفيش ويا تغميسة الفاصوليا البيضا



  1. 1 can of butter beans – make sure they’s preserved in water and salt and not sugar. علبة فاصوليا بيضا محفوضة بالماي و الملح
  2. Half a minced garlic clove نص فص ثوم مفروم
  3. The juice of one lemon عصير ليمونة وحدة
  4. A pinch of salt if needed ملح اذا احتجتوا
  5. Around 1/4 tsp of black pepper ربع ملعقة صغيرة فلفل اسود
  6. Finely chopped parsley بقدونس مفروم

Put everything in your food processor and mix away! :) that’s it!


حطوا كل شي بمحضرة الطعام و خلطوا :)

تقدرون تاكلونه مع بطاط او ناتشوز او نفسي مع نفيش



You can eat it with chips, nachos or dip couple of popcorns like me :)




Bon appetit!

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Preserved Lemons – أچار الليمون

This is the easiest lemon preserve ever. All you need is a sterile jar, coarse salt, a knife and lemons.

Start with cleaning the lemons by brushing them then cutting the lemons the same way I did and sprinkling some salt inside the cuts

أول شي تغسلون الليمون عدل و تفرشونه بفرشة بعدين تقصون الليمونة مثل الصورة و ترشون ملح داخل الليمون

20120316-020412 PM.jpg

Then try to fit as much lemons as you can in the jar, the cut side facing down or tilted downwards. Press the lemons to fit more lemons in the jar. They will reduce in size with time.

و بعدين صفوا الليمون داخل القرشة و يكون الطرف المقصوص مواجه تحت عشان ينزل العصير. حاولوا تضغطون الليمون و تحطون ليمون بالقرشة كثر ما تقدرون لان حجمهم راح يصغر مع الوقت

20120316-020830 PM.jpg

Sprinkle some salt on top of the jar when you’re done and close it. Leave it be for 3-5 days and then see if the juices from the lemons have covered the lemons. If not, add lemon juice till it covers the lemons.

و لمى تصفون كل الليمون و تخلصون رشوا ملح فوق اخر شي و سكروا القرشة و خلوها لمدة ٣-٥ ايام. بعدين شوفوا اذا العصير اللي نزل من الليمون مغطي الليمون خلوه. و اذا مو مغطي الليمون، زيدوه عصير.

20120316-021233 PM.jpg

There’s another way of doing this. You can mix garlic and chili flakes with the salt and use it like I mentioned above.

تقدرون بعد تضيفون ثوم و فلفل على الملح و تستخدمونه نفس الطريقة اللي كتبتها.

20120316-021427 PM.jpg

Leave the jars for 3-4 weeks then consume them the way you like. You can add them to sandwiches, use as condiment with rice, cook with them. Their uses are endless :)

خلوه لمدة ٣-٤ اسابيع يستوي بروحه و بعدين تقدرون تستخدمونه بالطريقة اللي تبونها. بالساندويتشات، مع العيش، بالطبخ. كل شي :)

تاكدوا ان القرشة نظيفة عدل قبل لا تبدون. و بالعافية

I’ll be updating you with pictures when they’re ready.

Bon appetit!

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Because I’m awesome like that :p

I made teeny tiny poached quail eggs today. One of my readers suggested that I make bite size eggs benedict and i think i’ll definitely try that this week when i’m allowed to have carbs :)

20120117-040008 PM.jpg

Just look at them! Aren’t they just adorable?

I had 7 of them; 98-100 calories.

I used a technique i saw yesterday at the food network channel. Instead of dropping the eggs in the simmering water + vinegar, put it in a soup ladel and gently lower it in the water.

I won’t translate this post because i have absolutely no idea how to translate poached eggs :)

Basma :)

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Spicy Edamame Sauce



20120114-092029 PM.jpg


We have a movie night today and I made edamame with spicy sauce along with my couscous taboula and other dishes. Since everyone is asking me about it, i thought i’d post its recipe. It is not diet friendly at all :)

اليوم عندنا يمعة بنات بالبيت و سويت لهم اكثر من طبق منهم اديمامي مع صلصة المايونيز

First you need to take a short trip to Singarea, the korean grocery store to get the following ingredients:

1- Korean Mayonnaise
2- Their spice blend which consists of black and white sesame, dried orange peel, and cayenne pepper.


اول شي لازم تسوونه انكم تروحون سنغاريا و تشترون المايونيز مالهم مع خلطة فلفل يبيعونها فيها فلفل احمر و سمسم اسود و ابيض و قشور برتقال



  1. 1/2 cup of mayonnaise
  2. 3/4 TBS chili (the korean spice blent) but if you’re using regular chili powder then use way less
  3. 5 drops of hot sauce
  4. 1 1/2 TBS soy sauce
  5. 1/2 TSP worcestershire sauce


Mix them all together then taste. If the taste is overwhelming, then add more mayo until it tastes the way you like :)


  1. نص كوب مايونيز
  2. ٣/٤ ملعقة كبيرة فلفل
  3. ٥ نقط شطة حارة
  4. ملعقة و نص كبيرة صلصلة صويا
  5. نص ملعقة صلصلة ووركشير
خلطوهم مع بعض و ذوقوهم. اذا حسيتوا ان الطعم قوي خففوه بالمايونيز

The secret is in the mayonnaise. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of going there, just use regular mayo and regular chili but use less chili. It won’t taste the same, but it will be close :)


السر بالمايونيز بس اذا مو متوفر استخدموا مايونيز عادي و فلفل بودر عادي بس مو كثر اللي كتبته. راح يصير طعمه مو نفسه بس قريب منه.

بالعافية :)


Bon Appetit!

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Shirataki Noodles : zero calorie, zero carbs, high in fiber!

20120109-101632 PM.jpg

The last time I went to Singarea; the Korean grocery store, I got so many things that I didn’t get a chance to explore all of them. Today, I discovered that the noodle pack I have in the fridge is the zero calorie noodles that all the american health magazines are talking about. It basically has zero energy! And it’s packed with fiber!!!

Why didn’t I know about it sooner!

Anyways, I followed Fahad’s instructions in soaking the noodles in water before using them which eliminated any fishy flavor it has.

I tried one but didn’t like the texture a lot so i decided to roast them in a pan for a bit before tossing them in the vegetable stock which made a difference in the textures.

For the vegetable stock, i used all the vegetables i could find in the fridge along with 2 tsp of soy sauce, spices, seaweed and lemon juice.

I downed the whole thing in a sec :p

20120109-102058 PM.jpg

where can you get them?
Singarea, the same korean place i talked about earlier this month

And now if you excuse me, i’m going to finish whatever is left from my bowl of noodles yum!


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Quick pesto

20120101-104335 AM.jpg

How to make a simple pesto:

All you need to have is fresh basil, a handful of pine nuts, a clove of garlic, a pinch of salt, a pinch of pepper, a squeeze of lemon (for flavor and to preserve a bit of the fresh green color), parmesan cheese, olive oil and a good mixer or a food processor

Mix away!

Feeling a little inventive? Mix it with cream to make a quick pasta sauce :)

My favorite is just slathering it over a piece of toasted bread with cheese and tomato :)


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Grilled Shrimps with Lemon Cream Sauce

An OH MY GOD its unbelievably delicious meal.

Devained shrimps
Garlic powder
Ginger powder
Chili flakes
Black pepper
A hint of olive oil
Soy sauce
Kaffir lime leaves.
Lemon juice (I used lime)
Chopped leak

Start with rubbing the shrimps with all the spices and oil. Grill them then toss in a bit of cream, lemon juice, leaks, garlic and ginger.

That’s it!

Bon appetit!

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Baked Kabosha Squash

I wanted something flavorful and delicious for dinner so I made what I want to think of as a healthy alternative to our regular deep fried fries. If you’re not into kabocha squash, go with any type squash.


  1. 1 medium sized squash (the firmer the better) peeled and cut similar to fries.
  2. Paprika, garlic powder and salt &pepper to taste.
  3. 1-2 TBS olive oil which is optional.


  1. In a bowl, mix olive oil with squash, and sprinkle the spices on top. Give them a toss and spread them over a cookie sheet or foil. You can also spread the squash first and drizzle olive oil and spices on top.
  2. Place them in a pre-heated oven (200 Celsius) for 30-40 minutes or until they’re browned and dry in the edges.

I like my fries to be extra soft and caramelized. If you want them to be crispy, bake them for 40-45 minutes.

That’s it!

I’m charging my camera so I snapped a picture with my blackberry this time :)

Bon appetit!

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