Focaccia Bread – First Trial

I made Focaccia bread today! It was my first time ever and it looks good! Didn’t try it yet. I’ll update the post with the recipe when I try it today at lunch :)

اليوم سويت خبر الفوكاشيا. أول مرة اجربه و توه طالع من الفرن. شكله لذيذ بس لي الحين ما ذقته.

ان شاء الله احط الوصفة اذا طلع طعمه لذيذ. راح يكون غداي اليوم :)

20120218-013928 PM.jpg

update: it turned out to be great and I made several batches however, the recipe will be part of a menu and I won’t be able to share it. Plus it’s a bit too messy. No specific ingredients :) sorry


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