Japanese cooking class at chef boutique

One word: FABULOUS!

The class was pretty amazing, light and fun. And as always, both Olga and Victor were sweet and very helpful :).

We made a lot of dishes this time! Prawn salad with a light spicy mayo sauce, vegetable and prawn tempura, 4 types of sushi and fried rice!

We had good laughs, and learned a lot too :) the group was amazing.

What i really like about chef boutique is how everything is organized when it comes to cooking. And when you leave, you get to take the recipes with you which is pretty awesome :)

I’ll leave you with the pictures I took today:

20120228-115035 PM.jpg

20120228-115055 PM.jpg

20120228-115112 PM.jpg

20120228-115130 PM.jpg

20120228-115152 PM.jpg

20120228-115221 PM.jpg

I highly recommend this place If you want to have fun, or spend some time with friends doing something different, or as a team building day out and even host your birthday party there!

Do something different with your friends this week and register for a class instead of dining out :) you’ll have twice the amount of fun!

Definitely going back there again.


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