My obsession with eggs continues!

I love eggs… A LOT to the point that I manage to find the weirdest egg devices in Kuwait :p if it’s out there, I’m going to find them and try them out!

I loved my little poached eggs pouchies ( post here ) but they take time and I’m not patient enough to wait for my eggs to be ready to eat most of the time.

So for the days I don’t feel like waiting ( like tonight for example) I go with this thing:

20120611-021701 AM.jpg

All you need to do is crack open your eggs and place them inside this cup, close and microwave! How easy is that! :D

The result depends on how long you microwave your eggs. 30 secs gives you runny egg yolks, 40 secs gives you semi runny yolks, 50 gives you well cooked eggs.

I prefer going with 30 seconds but I tried 35 seconds this time and I got this result:

20120611-022639 AM.jpg

It’s super easy and fun to use. Even kids can use them if they know how to operate a microwave :)

I got mine from Lulu Hypermarket a while ago and I’ve been using it ever since :)

Bon appetite!

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How to Make Soft Boiled Eggs

20120329-124910 PM.jpg

Although i love eggs, I can never have hard boiled eggs unless they’re deviled or finely chopped and mixed with something else. Egg yolks should always be soft and runny or I won’t enjoy eating them.

The best way to have soft yolks and hard egg whites is by following these steps:

- Boil some water
- Turn the heat off and place the eggs in the water for 6 minutes
- Take them off the water immediately and enjoy eating them :)

I love dipping baby asparagus in the yolks. They taste great!

*The egg in the picture was left for 7-8 minutes in the water.

Bon Appetit!

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My Name is Basma & I’m an Eggoholic

20120329-124403 PM.jpg

Those are turkey eggs :D

I think by now, everyone who’s following me on twitter and instagram knows how much I love eggs. I am literally obsessed about trying out all the different eggs you may find. If they’re edible I’ll try them :)

I tried chicken eggs, quail eggs, duck, geese, and the huge ostrich egg that took me hours trying to break and finally did that with a hammer and my trusty wood carving tools :)

For the past 3 months, I’ve been nagging about not being able to buy turkey eggs anywhere and I completely forgot that my grandma has turkeys at her garden! She gave me fresh eggs today to try them out and I LOVED IT!

They’re rich, buttery and taste like chicken eggs of course but without the funk. I think I’m in love! :D

The only eggs I didn’t like are ostrich eggs. They’re too heavy and acidic.

The only eggs left for me to taste are pigeon eggs I think and I don’t want to try them. They’re too tiny.

Did I miss any type of eggs?

I wonder what my next obsession would be!

More egg pictures:

20120329-124600 PM.jpg

Chicken eggs – sunny side up, my favorite

20120329-124910 PM.jpg

Soft boiled eggs

20120329-125047 PM.jpg

Eggs with desert truffles

20120329-125316 PM.jpg

Quail eggs :D

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