Roasted Peeled chestnuts



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Every time someone goes to the UAE i ask them to bring me some packed chestnuts. They’re sweet but not too sweet, soft and delicious. The whole pack only has 140 calories which perfectly fits my daily snack portion.

To my surprise, when I went to singarea grocery store this week, I found loads of them so i got some for myself.

If you like no fuss chestnuts, you’ll love these!



Directions: aldhajeej area, almira complex, shop #4-5. Next to sears and a restaurant called fereej 3gab. If you get lost easily like me just ask anyone for directions to almira complex when you reach aldhajeej from the 6th ring road.

Those chestnuts aren’t the only thing this place has. It’s basically loaded with everything asian. What i also loved out there are the toasted nori sheets packed in 15-40 calories packs. They’ve got the flavor, the perfect crunch and is high on vitamin A.

I also got all sorts of spices and their delicious mayo :)



Bon Appetit!

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