Kefir Grains – خلايا كيفر

I got kefir grains. It’s a type of live organism that ferments milk and transforms it into a laban or thin yogurt consistency. Been using it for 3 days now.. it’s actually pretty easy to make and has lots of health benefits like lowering cholesterol, fixing digestive system, fixing damaged tissues and many other benefits that I do not recall at the moment.

I don’t know if it’s sold in Kuwait, all I know is that it multiplies really fast if taken care of properly, and it feeds on milk. sounds gross doesn’t it ;) .. but it’s pretty cool! if you’re a yogurt lover, you’d definitely LOVE these.

That’s how the grains look like.. Took this picture when I strained my second kefir batch. when rinsed, they look like cauliflower…

Let’s just hope I don’t mess up :) I’m following all the instructions I got from the person who gave it to me and from online kefir communities. wish me luck!

will post another update in 2 weeks.

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Bean Sprouts


Hey again :) 

today’s post is all about bean sprouts. mainly mung bean sprouts since they’re very popular and delicious.   




Health benefits: they’re an excellent source of  fiber,vitamins and minerals, specially vitamin C. only 30 cals a cup so you don’t worry about gaining anything while enjoying their crunchy nutty flavour. 

How to eat them: fresh, stir fried with vegetables although I prefer them in their natural form; fresh and crunchy. you can drop them in soups, add them to your favorite sandwiches and salads or just eat them alone as a quick snack :) 

Mung beans are pretty easy to sprout, just follow the directions below and you’ll be set to go.

  1. take half a cup of dry mung beans and soak them with water in a jar for a day.
  2. remove the cap of the jar and replace it with a peice of tulle or any fabric that lets the water in and out easily. wrap the tulle with a rubber band and throw all excess water
  3. now, every day, you fill the jar with water, move it around and rinse it to prevent mold.
  4. place the jar tiled, head down all day. this will keep the beans moist.


by day 3 you will be able to enjoy eating your home grown sprouts :) 




Bon Appetit!


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